Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Universes colliding in blogger meetups

So I've been seeing bloggers lately, after having met my first, grumpyABDadjunct, in October (and seeing her again last week).

Also last week, Sarah and I had a truly lovely mid-afternoon tea at a luscious place; it was grand and she was delightful.

And on Monday and Tuesday, Medieval Woman and I met up - for meals, drinks, furniture shopping, campus visits - when I was visiting her city. It was fabulous!

So I've been thinking about what it feels like to meet these folks. Sarah noted that it felt like a blind date; it does, except that we already know so much about each other's lives. So I've been noticing what I feel like in the few moments before a meetup. It's the oddest feeling. It has an element of the paradox about it - like this approaching joining of two spacetimes. I have noticed that I resist it, just for a moment, and I think it is because of this weirdness. Like, " doesn't make head and the world are going to explode! Can the hyperreal be real?!"

That passes, of course, and all is instantly well. But it's a funny discomfort that marks me, I think, as a member of a transitional generation, one that is comfy with the Internet but still maintains that separation, whether intentionally or not...

At any rate, here's to blogger meetups!


Sarah said...

Glad to know that you felt our "blind date" went well! I also toast the blogger meetup!

medieval woman said...

That's the *perfect* way to describe it! It felt like I was picking up an old friend and meeting someone new at the same time! Strange combination of comfort and nervousness - I'm glad you had fun - I sure did! Next time it will be in Chez Your City! :)

dbm/gaa said...

I find it weird to adjust to hearing a voice instead of text. That sounds weird, but it happens.