Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Early resolution

I just registered for the half-marathon* in the famous race day in DadCity. Even though it's six months away.

I was going to wait until the New Year, to make that my New Year's resolution, but I figured, why not do it now? Why not commit myself to that, so that I can't back out?

The last time I ran a half-marathon was in 1997. It was near the beginning of my time as a runner. About 5 weeks later, I developed an undiagnosed knee injury that prevented me from running, pretty much. Even with a brand new pair of shoes. Nobody could figure out what it was. I would run occasionally - a few times a year - but mostly had to do other stuff (fitness classes) because my knee would flare up with running. I even had an MRI in the summer of 2005 - nothing could be found. Then about a year ago - last year's New Year's resolution - I thought I'd try to give it a go one more time. I went and had myself fitted at a truly expert place, for different shoes. And what do you know? That seemed to do the trick, and I have been able to run all year with no problems. (A good lesson there on the absolute necessity of properly fitted shoes! I thought the ones I had before were good...but no...)

I had said initially that I didn't ever want to do a long distance thing again because I worried that my knee couldn't take it. But if it's held up thus far - and I don't run miniscule distances - then I'll bet it will be fine.

I seem to want to push myself. I am running pretty fast these days, and quite often finding that joyful plateau, that runner's high. I am sure that this has something to do with the craziness, the upheaval, of the rest of my life. Running is truly good for my soul, at the moment. More than anaything, it makes me feel strong. And I need that.

*I really have no interest in running a marathon - a half-marathon is it. The way marathons break people's bodies doesn't look like fun to me. And I just don't want to take on the time commitment that training for it would mean, either. I am not that disciplined.


medieval woman said...

That's so great! What an awesome resolution - I had no idea that shoes could make that much difference!

I myself have had 3 knee surgeries (they could definitely tell what was wrong - no ACL left...), but I wish I could run.


Hilaire said...

Oh my gosh - 3 knee surgeries! How awful. Did you play soccer, by any chance?

lil'rumpus said...

Good for you! The half is an excellent distance. Enough to get that feeling that you are going above and beyond, but not enough to make you start questioning your sanity (like at, say, mile 22 in the marathon).

An AMEN to the need for good shoes. I bought a new pair of crosstrainers recently because I wanted lateral support for the aerobics thing and my Achilles tendons have been truly unhappy. New shoes are on their way!

happy training!

Sfrajett said...

Good for you--that's a nice distance. One of the amazing things about running is that it always waits for you. I recently found that Brooks Beast shoes can help even old, slower than slow, shortlegged, overweight, born without arches, reduced to hobbling after a run by chronic plantar facsitis people like me take up running after I thought I was too old. Never give up!

And isn't it satisfying to stretch in your driveway as the sun is setting after run?