Thursday, December 14, 2006

End of term

It is 15 minutes to 3 on the last day of my term...classes ended last week, but I am waiting for the last of the 43 take-home exams - for two different courses - I am expecting by 3pm! I expect I will have the remaining 20+ people all show up in a panic at 3. Sigh - students and their time management issues!

It has been such a great term...I am sorry to have my fourth-year seminar on Precise Area of Research ending - though very happy that I will see almost all of those students back in another fourth-year Special Topics course next term. And I am so happy that my Theory course is continuing after the break.

It has been so nice to sit here and have students trickle in all day, and chat with me. One brought me a black scarf that she had crocheted for me! One brought me a card that told me she admires me because I am "classy and sophisticated" - haha, surely the most important qualities of any academic! All of them bring in smiles and well wishes. As difficult as this term has been personally, I am so thankful that I've had these absolutely fantastic groups of human beings as my students...They really saved me.

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