Saturday, December 23, 2006

The letter G

GF and I are in New York, for the end of our relationship! As I suspected, it is turning out to be lovely - we are able to rise above what has gone on these last 6 weeks or so and, in a sense, honour the 4 1/2 years we've spent together. And be good to each other. This is the fifth Christmas holiday time we've had..and the first was, in part, also spent in New York. Fitting that a city that both of us love so much has bracketed our relationship...

Today we ate diner breakfast, walked for a total of three hours, much of it through Central Park, spent four hours at the Met, had tea at Lady Mendl's, and saw the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater perform. These are all things we did together on that first trip here. They have all been wonderful. The sun even came out to break up the gloom, this afternoon. The weather is pure spring - 57 degrees today!! (Outrageous, in fact - but it sure is nice!)


Maggiemay has graciously bestowed the letter G upon me, for this meme that everyone in the blogworld has already done, wherein you list the top ten things you love beginning with this letter. I am late to it, but here goes:

Gorgonzola...Such a fan of cheese I am...the stronger, the better. This one is very near the top. And when it's all melty...oh god...

Greens. Of all sorts. They are a life staple for me - see the "subtitle" of my blog. Mmm...greens and gorgonzola? Heavenly.

Gelato. I am a fan of the fruit dessert, much more than chocolate or anything else. The simplicity of fruit gelato does me in. They have a frutti di bosco gelato at a famous gelato place near where I live - I've never tasted anything like it. And last night I had a homemade cherry gelato that made my eyes pop.

Gin. This, with tonic, will forever be my favourite drink.

Gillian Welch. My favourite musician, the only one I've really traveled to see. (GF and I built a weekend in Pittsburgh around a concert of hers there about 3 years ago...)

Graciousness. Sorry to get maudlin. But if only people could treat each other all graciously...imagine what life would look like.

Galleries. Pure aesthetic indulgence. Almost always like a tiny holiday.

Grand Central Station. As a symbol of New York. But also just for itself - the bustle, the grandness, the ceiling...

Gaylords. Love 'em...As in, effeminately-masculine gendered folks...

GF...Speaking of gaylords (truly)...It may be the end of this form of us, but she will always be in my life and I love her very, very much.

There are other thingsthat belong on this list: guacamole, ginger, grilled cheese...but 10 will have to do...

Happy Holidays, blogfriends!


Flavia said...

Oh, I LOVE Lady Mendl's! A friend had her bridal shower there, paid for by the parents, so I have no idea how much it costs, but my, it was fun. (At some point we found where the servers had hid the extra bottles of "champagne" and helped ourselves.)

I'm glad that you and GF are having a good time, despite everything. Happy, happy holidays to you.

medieval woman said...

I'm so glad that you guys are having fun - I've been thinking about your trip and hope that it's going well!

Take care and Happy Holidays!

Hilaire said...

Thanks, MW!

And Flavia - Oh my!! CHampagne makes that place a total delight. We had it (well, prosecco, actually) yesterday, and it makes an already fantastic experience that much better. It is silly expensive, but worth it.
Happy holidays!