Saturday, December 30, 2006

An end of year geography meme

I saw this at Sarah's and wasn't sure if it was intended as a meme. But I'm making it one, because it's my birthday, and all I feel like doing until I go out for a long run with my much younger cousin, is end-of-year memes. I have had a very long string of highly unhappy birthdays, for some reason. (Last year's really took the cake - it was so bad it is almost funny, in retrospect.) This time I'm doing what I want ( at least until the 28 family members descend, mid-afternoon).

One of the nice things about having a birthday at this time of year is that it allows you to really deepen that "reflecting-on-the-year" thing. I like that - expect lots of that over the next week, since it's been such an incredibly eventful year.

Anyway, Sarah's meme was a list of the cities in which you have spent at least one overnight in the last calendar year (aside from your hometown(s)), of course. I'm going to make that "places", since cities is a a not-qite-accurate description of many of the places I've stayed. There are quite a lot, for me! It has actually been such an unsettled year that part of me almost wishes for a smaller list next time. I spend so much time dragging bags around! Although, be careful what you wish for...

London, England
Berlin, Germany
Ottawa, Ontario
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Tucson, Arizona
Cold Spring, New York
New York, NY
London, Ontario
Kelowna, British Columbia
North Bay, Ontario
Kipawa (area), Quebec
Guelph, Ontario
Plymouth (area), Massachusetts


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!

JM said...

Happy birthday to you!

It's my birthday too!

Texter said...

Happy Birthday!

medieval woman said...

You *have* traveled quite a bit!! But happy happy birthday, Hilaire!! :)