Monday, November 12, 2007

Well, this made me smile!

As seen at Dr. Crazy's. Hee!

William Shakespeare

O excellent! I love hilaire better than figs.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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Pantagruelle said...

The quotation is from Antony & Cleopatra, which has some nice homoerotic stuff going on between Cleopatra and her two waiting women, Charmian and Iras, including this line. Figs = vagina. :-)

squadratomagico said...

I thought figs referred specifically to the clit? I also have heard that figs was slang for hemerrhoids!

Hilaire said...

Well, this is all slightly embarrassing, now! :) I had no idea, of course.

Pantagruelle said...

Actually, to be more precise, I thought it referred to the labia. I think that figs look more like labia than a clit, although to be honest I never eat them or cook with them.

Pantagruelle said...

Merde! I just reread myself and saw what a bad indirect pronoun choice that was. I never eat or cook figs, meaning of the fruit variety.

medieval woman said...

I like Fig Newtons! I'm not such a huge fan of the fruit variety... :)