Monday, November 05, 2007

My Hollywood adventure

So you know how yesterday I went into LA? Well, I saw celebs, people - many of them at once. 5-10 feet away from me.

That is right. After spending the day in the city - we ate yummy things, and went to the Gettty Center, and did some driving through Beverly Hills, etc., etc. - we stumbled, just after sunset, upon a scene. We were just driving along, coming down from Mulholland Drive, not sure what to do next, when we spotted...glitziness. It seemed to be a premiere at the El Capitan Theater, of the new Coen Brothers movie. Red carpet and all. We swiftly pulled over into a parkade and parked, and went and stood next to the barricades. We realized as we were walking to the barricades that we were walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, stepping on those stars. Oh! we said. And there was the Kodak Theater, right across the street. Oh! we said again.

So anyway, there we were, against the barricades with many dedicated celeb-hunters. Watching the paparazzi get into position for their many photos of the red carpet walkers. And who did we spot but two other conference-goers?? We waved them over and all laughed at ourselves, and chatted for the next hour while we waited for the show to happen. Yes, we academics, our guards down, gawking at the stars.

So anyway, we waited a long time, but finally, they came! Numerous tinted-window SUVs arrived and ejected their celebrity passengers a mere few feet away from us. Who did I see?

- Tommy Lee Jones
- Hugh Laurie (An unexpected, late arrival, prompting much swoony screaming all around me.)
- Thandie Newton
- Casey Affleck
- Joel and Ethan Coen
- Ed Begley Jr.
- Olivier Martinez
- Some actor named "Kelly" who was reportedly in Trainspotting and Gosford Park
- Some actor named Ronnie about whom people got all screamy - but I didn't recognize him (He was also, like, 70, and had an 18-year-old on his arm. Ew.)
- Some other people who had to stand on the red carpet for a long time with paparazzi shooting away - I don't know who they were. Apparently one was Julie Delpy, but we were far enough away from the photographing area that I didn't realize who she was. I certainly can figure it out in retrospect, though.

I didn't get many pictures - it was pretty much pandemonium. But here, taken holding the camera high above people's heads, is Tommy Lee Jones, signing autographs for the media geeks right in front of us. These media geek types - the types who collect movie memorabilia and then go to premieres and scream, "Tommy! Tommy!" so the celeb will come over and autograph, and then sell them on Ebay - were actually the most fascinating part of this whole deal. And there's one of him posing on the red carpet.

And that, my friends, was my LA experience!


S said...

Now that sounds like a fun trip! I'm glad you were able to meet up with some blog people, and to spot some celebs. :) What more does one need for a CA vacation.

Well, I've always wanted to feel a minor tremble while visiting family out that way. But I'm weird like that.

dbm/gaa said...

You starf**ker you! How nice that you just happened upon it, and that you let your guards down enough to enjoy the moment.

squadratomagico said...

Once, on a trip to San Francisco, I encountered Kate Hudson and her then-rocker husband Chris something. I say "encountered" because I was so totally oblivious I actually didn't see them even though we were in the same very small store. I was looking at the cool clothes! after we walked out, I suddenly became aware that a gaggle of young girls had mobbed another customer. SweetCliffie said, didn't you see that skinny blond girl? Finally, looking back, I caught a glimpse of her amid the crowd of fans. I am an abject failure at celebrity-spotting.

kermitthefrog said...

Awesomeness. Although I just realized that you were probably at a conference I decided not to go to this year, out of laziness and general non-synchronicity. Huh. Perhaps next year...?

Hilaire said...

Sq - I would probably be much the same way. I couldn't believe how many celebrities I actually had no idea about...

Kermit - yes, next year!

Belle said...

Oh, yeah. I hear conversations and wonder who in the world are they talking about? Which, if I dare wonder out loud, brings stares of incomprehension and pity from the speakers.

I call it being from another planet. Me, not them.

medieval woman said...

Such LA fun!!! I'm not sure I could handle living there, but it would be very fun to visit!