Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hitting the end of term wall

Things are bugging me too much, which is a sure sign that I am feeling the need for the term to end. For example:

  • If I have to read one more reference to "the male species" or "the female race," I shall cry.
  • I am tired of the torrent of emails from students wanting to talk to ME about the mark they received from my TA. (This is the problem, in my experience, of having someone else do your grading, when the students don't have any interaction with that person except for the grading. They'd swallow the marks they're getting, if they came from me; they resist them, because they come from the TA, with whom they have no relationship.)
  • On that note, go AWAY, dozen emails an hour that I get from people on my university email account. I wish I could say these were mostly informational, but they're not. They all require Action! Immediately!
  • I am sick of working in my office at the school - it is so unnerving and the opposite of relaxing.
  • I am tired of getting up at 6am all the time. I'm not a terrible morning person, but I don't love the pre-7am hours.
It's just that I have so many ideas about my book project right now - and ideas about the co-edited volume - and I want to have the time to explore them instead of being repeatedly confronted with inanities like "the male species."

Bah - sorry. I'm whiny. But it's amazing, the wall you hit as the end of term nears. I always feel, when it ends, as if it ended just in time. Like I couldn't stand another moment - I need off. And it's not that I don't like my job; I love teaching. But still, this week is the beginning of the structures of feeling that lead to that just-in-time end, I think.


Maggie said...

That last paragraph is so astonishingly accurate. I always feel like I've just barely clawed my way to the end of every term. Incredible really.

Of course, right now I am on sabbatical. [ducks Hilaire's punches]

Hilaire said...

Oh please *don't* tell me you feel the same way this sabbatical term as you do in other terms. No!!! Not punches, but worried and alarmed headshakes.

Maggie said...

No, what I meant is that right now, I don't feel that way at ALL. Not even remotely.

Hilaire said...

Oh god - my complete daftness is again in evidence. Of *course* that's what you meant. Put it down to this crazy day I'm having. I thought the crazy days were going to stop happening after this last conference. Seems I was mistaken - ugh.

I am glad you are *not* having that. I can't wait for a sabbatical, someday!

adjunct whore said...

i'm SO with you on the wall. add to that the job burden and the flu. i am one big fat whiner right now. i think it is hilarious that your site count went up because of stars in LA!