Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trucking along

So it's still The House of Back Problems and Financial Crises here in Home City. For some reason, my back seems more painful today than it did yesterday...there goes the theory of progress. But at least I am generally mobile now. I do have to say, though, how frustrated I am. I feel as if this is going to really interfere with my running. I had plans to do another half-marathon in early October, but I feel far away from running again. So I wonder if this may have grounded me for too long to get my running up to speed before then, which sucks. I mean, I anticipate being able to run in August (damn, I hope so) but I wonder what taking a month off - if that's what it is to be - will do to me??

And financial woes are no fun!!! Agh...What more to say about that?

Here's the good among all the blech:

- I have a real live web page at my New Uni, complete with picture (which has somehow been stretched in the process of putting it up, making my face look twice as wide as it actually is!). Notwithstanding the botched picture, I can't believe how tickled I am by this. It makes me feel like I've arrived, I have to say. As does the the paperwork activating my start-up funds!

- R, an organizational wizard, sat me down and figured out a budget to help get me through the next month or so, after which point things should even outa bit. Then she emailed me a long-term monthly budget on an Excel spreadsheet this morning, having spent the first hour of her work time making it. It is meant to be the way that I can get rid of almost all my credit debt in a year. She's so smart. Which makes me ask myself how I could be such a bloody idiot with money. How, how? Oh well...this last disaster has made me turn over a new leaf. I really think it has. I embrace the budget!!

Fascinating stuff, eh?


jb said...

Oh, dear! Feel better soon, Hilaire!

Very nice of R to make the spreadsheet, by the way--although for us compulsive types, that can be a delightful way to spend an hour.

Pantagruelle said...

Sorry about the lack of back progress. Perhaps more support from R is in order?

Yay for the new web profile! And the photo didn't look stretched or weird in my browser. It looks really nice.

Budgets are a very good thing, the more detailed the better, at least for the first little while when embarking in habit-changing. There's nothing like seeing in black and white what one is spending on the little things (cup of coffee here, some new clothes there) to realize how it all adds up. And having firm guidelines in place really do help curb spending. Good luck, and I hope new Uni's salary kicks in soon!

Hilaire said...

JB - Yes, that's exactly what it is. R enjoys making budgets. After seeing your comment, I asked her this morning if she actually had fun making a budget. She said yes!

Pantagruelle - Yes, more support from R is in order, though I fear we're entering the stage where she may get impatient with me. I shall have to tread carefully.

And, it seems someone has fixed the photo on my webpage - after reading your comment, I went and looked at it again, and it's fine now. Yay! Though I think the info on that page needs some tweaking - I should have my work in progress on it, perhaps, for instance.

And you know, I'm actually *excited* about my budget!

What Now? said...

Oh, how well I remember that summer before the salary starts at the new job, the very same summer that one has to move across country! I'm afraid that we did not have anyone to make us a budget, and so for the first time in my life I accrued consumer debt, which then took us a couple of years to pay off. But really, there's almost no way around it during those tricky initial months.

Is all settled with your new landlord after the bounced check?

And I am so sorry to hear that the back is not getting better! It does sound like some medical assessment is in order.

Hilaire said...

Hi, WN - Yes, the new landlord was exceedingly amenable about the bounced cheque, I have deposited the rent directly in his account, and all will be well!

The salary at New Uni begins this Friday, but it should take me a few weeks to get back in order after this recent crunch.

And the back is much better today, for some reason - feels as if it moved from acute crisis to manageable back woe. I don't know what did it, but I am pleased.