Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This post won't let me title it. It is supposed to be called "Don't Mind me: Blogging a Lost Thing"

Oh, please show yourselves, expensive prescription sunglasses! I have had enough of losing things and feeling discombobulated. And while I suspect you fell out of my bag in a taxi last week, the taxi company sure doesn't have you in its lost and found...so a small part of me still holds out hope that you are somewhere here...right under my nose. Please?


squadratomagico said...

I have a friend who had a porkpie hat. A Very Special, trademark hat that she loved.

One day, the porkpie hat disappeared. Friend (Seafire) turned her house over looking for the most-beloved hat. It was gone.

Then she gave up. She bought replacement hats on ebay, but none matched her love for her original hat.

The porkpie hat wasn't really lost, though. It was hiding behind her dresser, in a snit over some perceived slight. But when it saw the new hats from ebay, it became jealous and dropped down onto the floor. Seafire and the porkpie hat were reunited.

Maybe you need to buy some cheap sunglasses to tempt the good ones out of hiding!

Hilaire said...

Haha, I love this story! What a great idea! I shall do it.