Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rockin' girl

I just found out that the amazing MaggieMay named me on her list of 5 rockin' girl bloggers! What an honour! I was tickled beyond belief to be nominated by the rockingest girl blogger I know, whom I always visit first in bloglines...especially because I don't feel like I rock, really (as Maggie perceptively notes about me).

As far as I can tell, the deal is that I have to now name 5 rockin' girl bloggers of my own. Which is, well, fab, because I love the chance to tell some of my lady blogfriends how much I love them! They can't include ones from Maggie's list (which is hard, because there are some serious favourites of mine on that list...(cough)Sfragett(cough)...)But as I can't keep track of all the lists out there, and who's on them, I'm considering everyone else fair game. And I'm thinking about people's blogs, here, not the personalities of people I've met in real life...who are all awesome gals.

And you gotta know that picking only 5 bloggers is a real challenge...I seriously love, like, 30 blogs...

1. Medieval Woman. This girl is a total rocker. It's in her positive energy and sense of humour! But she's not one of those people who uses levity and optimism as shields...her blog voice is a great balance of serious questions and funny delivery. She's the kind of person you'd like to stay at the bar with into the wee hours for that reason...

2. Flavia. Flavia's wit and intelligence slay me. And she always writes these things, including in mine and others' comments, that are just so right on. That leave me thinking, "Well, that's exactly what I was thinking, but Flavia has captured it with so much more subtlety and linguistic precision, not to mention sarcastic hilarity, than I ever could...." Flavia, I bow before you.

3. Squadratomagico. My friend, I especially love your reflections on your extra-academic life! I love that you are a circus performer, and that you write about it. That you call your cat TrannieDiva. That you spend half your summer in India...Your blog is a great beacon to those of us who could become too caught up in our work...and so You Rock.

4. What Now? This woman's embracing of her work and her life is really inspiring. I love reading about her as a teacher, especially in her current incarnation teaching high school...she appears to rock even harder in the classroom.

5. GrumpyABDadjunct. I'm all about the no-nonsense, practical, and sometimes really refreshingly angry voice on her blog. Though she doesn't get a chance to blog much, GAA rocks for her fabulous ethical sense and for her sense of her rights as an adjunct.

Those are my top five rockin' academic girls. While the incestuous academic blogland is where I spend most of my time, there are one or two other haunts I frequent. So I'm bending the rules to include one, because she is surely THE rockin' girl blogger of all time. And she's technically an academic blogger, anyway:

Gone Feral's Feral Mom. Damn, that's some funny shit. Funny enough that I just remain a silent admirer...I can't touch the kind of humour that commenting there would require. She is awesome.


In other news, I am away for the weekend. More on that soon.


adjunct whore said...

i was just about to add flavia, you beat me!! can i thank you for tagging gone feral?? she is the funniest fucking person i've EVER read. i'm totally hooked.

Hilaire said...

Oh yeah, I can totally see how you'd love her, especially. :)

Flavia said...

Dude, you guys are running me all out of rocking girl bloggers to nominate--including your fabulous selves! I may have to decline to add any more, but I can say. . . right back atcha! And thanks.

What Now? said...

Aww, Hilaire, thanks so much for this nomination! I really appreciate it, especially coming from your own rockin' self.

Feral Mom said...

*blushing* why thank you. I am honored to be included in your rockin' list as well as to be considered an academic blogger. Shhh. Don't tell the people who come for the potty talk and the semi feral cat.

squadratomagico said...

Awww... (blush). Thanks! Though, I would just like to state for the record, I do publish, also!
Now I'm off to enjoy my first day in New Delhi... I'm in a place with a wireless connection for the next five days.

Hilaire said...

Oh, S, of course! You are a great scholarly voice, as well - that much is also clear from your blog! I just particularly appreciate the richness and well-roundedness of your life!

Have fun!

medieval woman said...

Oh, Darlin'! I'm sorry I'm so late in commenting on this! We got internet last night finally - thank you for nominating me! You are totally the rockingest also!


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