Saturday, July 21, 2007

More journey notes

- What a weird feeling comes over you when you take such a long driving trip. It's both tedious and perfectly alright.

- I am eating quite well, and that is a good thing. Even though I am usually a very healthy eater, I had visions of road trip food - Timbits, and iced caps, and fries from truck stops. Not so, thank goodness. Instead, plums and cherries and spinach salads. Which makes me feel much better than I would with the classic road diet.

- I plan to go for my first run, post-back injury, tomorrow morning. It's been two and a half weeks now. When we arrived at this place today, I noticed that my body was ITCHING to run...just dying for it. A walk "took the edge off," but I feel that my back, though still not fully healed, will probably be okay with a run now. It's the bending and lifting that continue to be a problem (which does not bode well for unpacking in a few days).

- Nostalgic Dad-fest continues.

- I am doing a good half of the driving on this trip, which is cementing my relatively recently acquired driving skills. Some of it has been quite challenging, and I am happy for the practice.

- The LUNATIC email I sent the other day still has not received a reply, which has me chewing my arm off in suspense and dread. And also gives me more time to ponder the consequences of my actions, of which there are some really unpleasant ones. (Sorry to be so cryptic about this piece of drama, which is so obviously good-juicy-gossipy...Indeed, it good, I can't blog about it, I don't think...)

- More soon. Bye!


MaggieMay said...

Beautiful description of the nostalgic place.

But I want more details on the INSANE email, girl.

medieval woman said...

Here's some healthy mojo coming your way for tomorrow's run!

And I'm also hoping you hear back on that email soon!!

I miss you! :)