Monday, July 09, 2007

The times, they just get better and better

Oh my god. I am so embarrassed. I have bounced my first rent cheque on this new apartment in Scary City, I just discovered. How could I do this? Could anything look worse? Shit.

The problem is that I had no income for the month of June, and also had to make a very sizeable outlay of cash, what with buying new furniture. My credit is almost all used up, too. So the money is there in my account now - I was transferring it over from a line of credit - but when the rent cheque was put through on Thursday, it wasn't there yet. In fact, it appears that if the cheque had gone through just a few hours later, there wouldn't have been any problem. Agh!!!!!!

At any rate, what a mess. I had to send a very apologetic note to the landlord (whom I've never met, because he lives in another city, and one of the other house tenants manages the rentals for him). What a way to have a first contact with your new landlord. And there is also some niggling worry that he'll try to kick me out for this. Imagine. What would I do then?

In other news, I appear to have lost a $300 pair of prescription sunglasses I've had for about two months. The good news is, my benefits at the last job paid for them. But still! Double agh!!!!

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