Sunday, May 20, 2007

Running highs

This morning I had my last long run before my half-marathon next Sunday - though I am tapering now, so it wasn't really so long - just roughly half the distance, rather than the full 21+ kms that i've been running the last four weeks or so.

I have to say that I am really feeling strong and happy in running these days. It occurred to me in the winter, when I was beginning to train in earnest for this race, that I chose to do it because I needed to feel strong right then. As I still do, now. What with all the upheaval and angst of the winter, I needed something to focus on. Something that was about nothing but me, my capabilities.

And it's been that way. I've felt very strong and very healthy when I'm running. I get to meet this part of myself that I rarely see - it's kind of fierce and determined. And I've had lots of moments, over the last six or so weeks, of pure runner's high - aided by my trusty running soundtrack, which currently consists almost exclusively of the new Arcade Fire album and the frenetically paced Awoo, by The Hidden Cameras. There was one moment a few weeks ago in which, I must admit, I was blinded by ecstatic tears as I listened to No Cars Go, while I ran along a trail overhung by budding trees.

As much as I try not be a running obsessive, I can already feel my attention focus on next Sunday's race. I have a personal goal, time-wise. It's doable. What I hesitate to declare as a goal - though I so badly want to - is to beat or at least match my time from the last half-marathon I ran -- which was ten years ago. Hence my hesitation. Cause that's probably really just setting myself up for failure. But damn, it would be sweet...

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