Saturday, May 19, 2007

Non-date follow-up

So this morning I had my dog walk with the sweet and lovely person I don't want to date!

Going into it, I was a little apprehensive. The email she sent yesterday afternoon to confirm was all "I need to relearn how to have fun", in a kind of "I hope to be relearning with you, my darling..." way. Eek.

We had a nice walk, though. She actually showed me a hidden gem of a little park that I'm so happy to know about - and shocked that I'd never seen before, considering that I once lived a mere three or so blocks from it! She is very interesting (though perhaps slightly too chatty-with-few-words-in-edgewise for me).

Anyway, as we approached the place where we were going to go our separate ways, I started to feel nervous about what plans she was going to want to make for getting together again. Sure enough, she said, "the lesbian and gay film festival is on right now." (Duh!! I know, that's bitchy - and don't worry, I didn't say anything like that - but that's a huge event. I don't live under a rock!) She started skirting around the "did I want to catch something together" question. I reeled off the three screenings I have tickets for, and then quickly said, "And then I'm going out of town for a week." Which is true - early Thursday morning I'm leaving for my dad's city for a few days, in part to run the half-marathon, and then going from there to Saskatoon for the Congress.

It was, perhaps, graceless, but I think I was able with that move to make her understand that I'm not up for dating. If I were, I'd surely have invited her to one of my films or volunteered the idea of getting together as soon as I get back. And this way, we got to avoid having any kind of awkward conversation about "monkishness", "I'm-a-messiness", or "I'm sleeping with my so-called ex". It was probably the wimpy way out, but I think it worked. She said that if I wanted to go for another dog walk sometime, I should get in touch.

It is interesting to me how uninterested I am in her, in any kind of romantic or sexual way. Like I said before, on paper, she's definitely "my type".

Anyhoo. It's a gorgeous day out. I shouldn't be in here writing this, I should be out in the sun doing my errands and eating a popsicle on a bench!

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