Saturday, September 02, 2006

Clothing-Related Issues

Some random clothing observations from my week:

- What was with that awful outfit Jennifer Lopez was wearing at the MTV Awards? Good lord. I practically had to shield my eyes...what was that?

- I went to a faculty event at New University on Thursday at lunch. My Dean was there. She was wearing Birkenstocks, capri pants, and a very deep tan. I was so surprised that I had to go back and look at her picture online to be sure that was really her (I didn't meet her). Sure enough, it was. What can I say? Though I like dressing up a bit myself, I find it heartening to see a Dean at a faculty/staff event in clothes like that. Talk about approachable.

- GF and I went out shopping for a couple of hours yesterday. She wanted to buy me some new clothes, as she has often done as a kind of back-to-school gift. Such a sweetie. Anyway, I found the early part of this trip distressing. I hate, really hate, the 80s thing that is in full swing now. I know many of you love it, skinny jeans and all. But I can't stand it, especially the skinny jeans. And all I was seeing, at these cookie-cutter stores, was 80s fashions in this grey, black and white palette. Ugh. I mean, I like grey, white and black, but I also like some colour - and not red, which reminds me, when in combination with black, grey and white, of 1986! I descended into bitchiness until we got to an area where there were finally some different kinds of things by local designers. Lo and behold, colour! References from decades other than the 80s ! I came away without finding badly needed new pants, but did pick up these two tops by local folks, both of which were inexpensive, and which I love a lot:

This pink one is fairly casual, but I think I could pull it off with either the pants or the skirt of a pink suit that GF had custom-made for me as my 30th birthday present. And hey, if the Dean goes around in Birkenstocks and capris, why not me in this shirt?


Flavia said...

Love the pink top!

And did you see the Go Fug Yourself girls on JLo? They guessed that her outfit MUST be a costume for an upcoming "Gloria Swanson on Ice" show--which is about the only explanation that makes any sense to me.

Hilaire said...

Thanks for the tip on Go Fug Yourselves, Flavia - I'd only vaguely heard of them and now I've checked them out - hilarious.

medieval woman said...

I love the pink shirt! So fun...