Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Playing dress-up

Is anyone else looking forward to getting a wee bit dressed up when the year starts? (Or, since you seem to start the year earlier in the States than in Canada, perhaps already enjoying the feeling of being dressed up?) Last week - I can't remember why - I had the opportunity to wear something slightly dressy. And I thought, I miss this! I don't get terribly dressed up for work - I'm not a suit-wearer, for instance. But I realize - after three months of wearing bumming-around clothes and dog-walking duds, beat-up footwear and, if I have to go somewhere, some blah cotton skirt - that I look forward to having to pull it together a bit. Pulling out those light wool trousers will be nice, and that shirt with the cufflinks. That kind of thing. And different footwear...I can't wait!

Also, I ended up having to while away a very long rain delay (as a spectator at a fastball tournament) in an out-of-town mall on Saturday. I bought this fall jacket (I did need a fall jacket) and cannot believe how much I love it. I want the fall weather NOW so I can wear it. (God, it feels weird to be linking to a major mall retailer that sure as hell doesn't need my free advertising...oh well...)


medieval woman said...

Your teaching duds sound snazzy! One of my dearest friends always wears shirts with cufflinks to dress up for teaching, presenting, etc. - I got her a special pair when she was a reader for our wedding ceremony (with my initial on one and hers on the other).

And I am 100% with you on the fall weather thing! I don't have any cute, teachy hot weather clothes and I hate to dress up when it's 80 degrees out (it makes summer conferencing somewhat challenging) - but I like your fall jacket - Autumn is the jauntiest month!

Hilaire said...

Oh my goodness - I love the cuflink inscription!! What a lovely idea.

medieval woman said...

It was tough to find a place that would inscribe 2 different initials! The online places will engrave them, but only with the same initials. So I got a pair unengraved (but in a very pleasing shape - square but with nicely rounded corners - and they're not flat but slightly bulbous) and took them to an engraving/keepsake place in the mall.

Sorry for that long description of the process! :) She was the easiest one of our bridal party to buy a gift for - of course she was in a swanky tux!