Saturday, September 30, 2006


This here bit of off-white softness is my salvation this weekend. After coming home to Home City at my post-midnight hour on Thursday night, and having to be out of the house from 7:45 the next morning till after 5 in the afternoon, I realized that I hadn't had any down time all week. Literally. My weird schedule and living arrangement in Uni City makes it so.

It wasn't till I was doing an errand in a shop yesterday and saw this throw, and thought, "I MUST have that," that I realized how much I crave doing-nothing, in-the-house-goddammit, cozy, pyjama-wearing time. I bought this thing - it is one of the softest, coziest things I've ever felt - took it to bed with me last night, and have been sitting with it draped over me ever since I managed to rouse myself this morning. It incarnates coziness.

Last night we were supposed to have friends over for dinner. When GF came home and found me crying as I tried to clean up the disaster of an apartment - with no plans for what I'd actually cook, less than two hours away from their arrival - we decided to take them out for dinner instead. This was a hard call; I get pretty worked up about entertaining, due to some family history in this area, and felt as if I'd failed by not being able to pull off this dinner - which was supposed to be reciprocating after they'd had us over for dinner, all Martha- and Nigella-like (as always). But I just couldn't face it - I needed not to be madly dashing anymore, please please please.

All I want to do is nest. I'm cancelling my trip to last year's Uni City next weekend. I just don't have the energy to do that. I am "on" way too much of the time - I don't need a long weekend of cooking and entertaining and running from one engagement to another. Next weekend, I plan to stay in my pyjamas as much as possible. And look at Mr. K's cheeks as rejuvenating therapy.
And right now, though I've been out of bed for last than four hours, I'm going to crawl back in. With my throw.

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New Kid on the Hallway said...

Oh, those cheeks look like rejuvenating therapy to me!! Hope you recharge quickly!