Tuesday, October 16, 2007


OK, so normally I am teaching right this minute. Why am I not? Well, that would be because of the spectacular incompetence of most things to do with this place.

The A/V equipment wasn't working, I discovered when I got to class. The projector wasn't speaking to the components. My 80-minute class today was to consist of a 60-minute video and a 20-minute Q&A session with the librarian, following up on an earlier session. So when the equipment wasn't working, it was kind of a problem. Not such a big deal, though - my TA immediately went and phoned IT. (Although, since there is no phone in this LECTURE HALL, she had to run down three flights of stairs and out into the pouring rain to use a phone in the library.) IT said someone was on their way - not hard to send someone, since that someone is coming from practically next door. Nobody came. She went and phoned again. Nobody came. Finally, after half an hour of waiting, I just had to let the students go. Now we are completely behind schedule and off track. This video is written into the syllabus - I still have to show it somehow.

This is so unacceptable. It's shocking. I had thought today would be a relatively relaxed day, since it just so happens that I am showing videos in both classes. Apparently I am wrong to assume any day around this place will ever be relaxed.

Oh, but what's this? An email from Mr. Chris Walter from the "Hobbit Security Vault and Trust" to tell me that an undisclosed benefactor wants to deposit $10.5 million in my account. Freedom shall be mine. (Thank you, Mr. Chris Walter, for providing me with the laugh that let me release this rage. Hobbit Security Vault - you slay me.)


keri said...

Oh, that is so frustrating!! I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you today. *ugh*

Bardiac said...

Sometimes technology makes me crazy!

/comfort I'm sorry you had a lousy day with the A/V stuff.

dbm/gaa said...

My powerpoints were all shown in blue today, last week it was red, the damn system won't let me change the monitor colour! So I whipped through the most important slides (in blue) and then rolled up the screen to use the chalkboard...which was great until I'd covered the damn thing and realized that there was no eraser.

adjunct whore said...

sorry hilaire, for the oh-so-annoying crap of tecnological equip. at universities...sometimes, when i'm not feeling very fast on my feet, i don't include things that require technology in my syllabus....i always ask myself if i'm up for it or if inclusion is necessary/worth it. usually, it is, but still worth the question.

i just went back to read the annoying conversation--seems clear that this person is threatened by you. if you were hired to do something, it is not at all clear that it couldn't happen just because one person seems hostile. you may have to face battles though....i second the advice to contact TR--she has loads of this experience.

Hilaire said...

Thanks for the commiseration, all.

GAA - was this at Suburban Behemoth or Prestigious Downtown U.? Or Upstart Downtown U.?

AW - yeah, one person isn't capable of entirely blocking me. I do have to do "curriculum consultation", though, for changes I make that can affect this person's (and others') department. At that level, they can say, "no, we don't like it." Which involves negotiating with them lots and lots. When in fact, it's unclear to me how some of this has anything to do with them. Anyway, I have since learned that this person and their department are notorious for such behaviours. Also, my Chair is pissed, and she has clout. So no, it won't be possible to block me - but seems likely I will make some enemies, which just seems absurd. I hate being hated. Though it seems to be par for the course on my side of a particular divide around here (new faculty/old faculty).