Monday, October 01, 2007

Desperate blogging of lost things

I have seen this trick work so many times, and I beg and beg to the blogosphere that it work this time:

Please come back to me, batch of 19 critical responses from my first-year class. Oh, please.

I receive critical responses from everyone in that class every week, but I have a random grading scheme, so that I separate them into a small "to be graded" file folder and a larger "not graded" folder. I did this sitting in my office on Friday afternoon, and then - or so I thought - put both files in my bag to take home over the weekend. Yesterday I could only find the "not graded" pile and got nervous, but figured I'd be able to find the other one at the office. Not so.

The only thing I can imagine is that it fell out of my bag on the bus home on Friday. But I can't imagine how. Oh god. No.

Please, please, oh ye gods of the blogosphere, please let these things show up!

Update: It occurred to me after I wrote this that it is possible that I put these papers in my purse-ish kind of bag, before I went out for dinner on Friday night - thinking that I might go to a cafe after dinner and do some grading, because my dinner companion said he needed to go home early to work. (He didn't and I had too many drinks and was out too late to do this grading.) But I thought I'd put another batch, from another class, in my bag. We shall see when I get home late this afternoon!

Update #2: Found! They were in that purse. Thank you, blogosphere!

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