Saturday, October 27, 2007

Looking forward

I just feel full of things to look forward to. While this is theoretically problematic - shouldn't I be living in/for the now? Isn't that supposed to be the definition of happiness? - it is actually quite wonderful, considering the crankmeister I've been for the last two months.

  • I am looking forward to finishing this conference paper. Not that it's been a terrible experience. In fact, it's been a rather illuminating one, but I'm ready for it to end. That should happen tomorrow, or even later today. Short-order happiness.
  • On that note, I am sooooo looking forward to being away at the conference next weekend. (Hey, are any of my blogfriends going to be at a fairly large annual conference in southern California next weekend? If you are, and you'd be into meeting up, email me to see if we'll be in the same place. Perhaps some long, irony-soaked chats over wine could ensue!) I have long been envisioning this conference as a kind of release - it signals the end of the insanity for this term for me. Presenting this paper is the last piece of major, deadline-oriented work on my plate after these two months of crazy workaholic behaviour! And the panel I put together for the conference includes my good friend from Home City, so we shall have a chance to reconnect and cavort for four whole days. Hurrah!
  • I am having a cheese party in a couple of weeks!
  • I am visiting Nearest Metropolis in mid-November to see my great friend C .(She's there for the year on a Visiting position, after living in European City for many years - it is officially a scandal that we haven't managed to see each other yet.) While there, I also get the chance to dance!
  • I leave for Home City on December 8. This is, of course, exciting in itself. But also: I was expressing to R my hunger for queer events, queer communities. She has arranged for us to go a spectacularly fun and debauched queer event the very night I arrive - after a delicious dinner of Indian take-out!
  • While I'm in Home Area, I am going to Fun City to spend a couple of days with M. We are so in need of this reconnection. He and I once together dreamed of a perfect, decadent day: sleeping in, going out for brunch, coming home and spending the rest of the day and evening watching videos and napping. If this kind of day is foreign to me, it is even more so for him, overburdened, workaholic star that he is. I plan to make this happen on this visit!
  • So many exclamation marks! Such hyperbole! What can one do in the face of so much upcoming goodness?


Margo, darling said...

Yes, I'm going to that conference! Yay! You, me, at the reception on Friday night, okay? Emailing you now.

neophyte said...

Your abundant exclamation points make me smile.

Pre-emptive congrats on finishing the paper, and early wishes for the happiest of travels and the pursuit of irony.

Unrelatedly, I've just booked a train to Paris for the end of term, and realized that your e-gift is going to have to wait. Because you deserve all the honors that only the beauty of Parisian flâneries shared with friends can confer.

Feral Mom said...

I'm not going to the conference, but I do live in SoCal, now, and I likes my wine very very much. I know conferences are all about schmoozing with the other attendees, but if you're game for an extramural drink, and want to get together, that would be awesome.

What Now? said...

So much to look forward to! I'm glad there are so many good things on the horizon.

(And Margo, Darling is a totally fun person to hang out with at a conference. I'm jealous that you all will get to have fun together!)