Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday recipe blogging: Blackberry margaritas

I just improvised this as a post-dinner Friday night cocktail, and drank it while I sat outside on the deck, with the sun going down, reading the Lonely Planet for my new soon-to-be home region - a gift from a friend at the farewell barbecue the other night. Lovely. I had a box of the most gorgeous, plump, sweet blackberries, and I wanted a drink, dammit - it being Friday night and all. So this was what I made, remembering that I'd enjoyed blackberry cocktails before and basing it on a classic margarita recipe...It was delicious!


A...bunch of blackberries (I dunno, I used maybe 15-18)
1 full shot glass of tequila
3/4 ounce of triple sec
Juice from three limes

Blend it in the blender, with a few ice cubes. Yummy!
It was quite tart, though that was very refreshing...those with a major sweet tooth might prefer to add a bit of sugar or simple syrup!

Tomorrow night, margaritas with the organic local strawberries I have been gorging on this week...


Sfrajett said...

We are sitting here this morning feeling oppressed by all the fresh fruit we need to eat, because we know we should make something with the fruit, but we just want egg sandwiches. Voila! You have come up with a solution! We can drink our fruit!

Now, if only you could come up with a palatable cocktail using broccoli . . .

dbm/gaa said...

Mmmm, we have strawberries too, but no blackberries, where did you get them? I love summer fruit and veg!

Hilaire said...

Got them at the awesome Fruit King (east end)!