Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back again

Goodness, you all have been prolific while I've been busy and away from the land of blogs! I had 80+ blog posts to read in bloglines, and have only whittled it down to 48.

Things have been harried, and I was away for almost four days, in New York. Where I visited the lovely friends, ate cupcakes, saw the great work-related exhibition, and had a Starbucks employee try to scald me with boiling water when he got all attitudinal because he couldn't hear what I was saying...it was all delightful (except that last, which was just shocking...And yes, it really happened.)

And on Friday morning before I left for New York I took my highway test, and passed. The guy said my driving was "not bad." It is interesting (and ridiculous) how all of a sudden I feel 100 times more confident. I could do it (and my previous class of license allowed me to) before receiving the state's permanent blessing at that test. Why wasn't that enough for me? Anyway, now I feel better about driving on the highway. That is a good thing.

And I've come back to the final push on the course readers (I finished the copying today - hurrah!) and packing yet again. I leave this housesit a week from today, and need to put the rest of the things I have here (the case full of books, some random kitchen stuff, lots of office papers, some clothes) in my storage space. Next week the big moving van will come to load my stuff up to take it on the long trek to Scary City (expenses completely paid by New Uni, thank goodness). I will follow two weeks later. This is me winding down my life here, then.

On that note, a question...Do any of you blogfriends have a service to recommend with which I could download a "book-on-tape" (er, you know what I mean) into my ipod? My father and I are doing this very long trek to get to Scary City - our Happy 65th Birthday road trip - and I thought that listening to one novel might be a good way to pass the time aside from music and chatting. I don't know anything about what exists. If you do, please let me know!


Tiruncula said...

The iTunes store sells audiobooks, but that's not a cheap option. A lot of libraries offer downloadable audiobooks, though your city's, weirdly, offers ones that can't be played on iPods. My usual solution in these situations is to borrow books on CD from the library and mail them back (to the library or, better, to a friend who can be sure they get returned on time).

Hilaire said...

Thanks, T! I knew you'd know!

Daniel said...

While also not cheap, the most expansive option is audible.com which will have everything iTunes has plus a bit more.

dbm/gaa said...

Unlike iTunes, audible.com does have some bargains, have a good look around.

Hooray for passing your driving test! Boo for winding down your life here.

MaggieMay said...

Welcome back Hilaire! The blogosphere missed you!

I was going to say, do the "borrow from the library" if you want the cheap option.

medieval woman said...

I'm glad you had a lovely trip and congrats on your road test!