Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dog and life updates

Mr. K is doing well. (Ex?-)GF (hell, let's call her R, because that's annoying to write...) and I picked him up from the vet yesterday evening at about 6. R had rented a car so that we could ferry him from the vet. There was a barbecue, erm, in my honour, at a close friend's house...She's leaving for the summer soon, to see her significant other across the ocean, and so this was the last time I could see her. (Let's not face that sadness, shall we?) She is a friend with whom I did The Activity, so it was the whole Activity gang and another couple of close friends related to it, as a kind of early farewell. Poor, woozy Mr. K came with. Probably inappropriate, to take him to a party after this crazy day, but I figured he'd just pass out on a blanket in the corner of the lovely, little, walled-in urban jungle of a backyard. Which he did, but not before peeing woozily all over the flagstones a few feet away from us while we ate. And crashing into many things with his cone, which we soon took off...(We keep a strict eye on him - he doesn't worry at the wound, and we put the cone on when we go out, should he get any wound-chewing ideas in his head...)

We've given him inordinate amounts of love, and he's going to be just fine. The stitched-up wound is large and angry-looking, and positively Frankenstein-esque, but he's adjusting to it. We were able to go out on a walk today...he's limping a little, and more tired than usual, but overall he's amazingly well. He's just an overgrown lap dog - being a doted-on invalid suits him well.


Notice the "we" above? Oh yes, I've spent most of the week with R - she's stayed over here every night but one. Today, she had gotten the day off to take care of Mr. K (not really necessary...I didn't quite understand why...she said it was so she could help me practice driving in the rental car). And we spent an unexpected holiday in the city. Walking Mr. K, going for lunch on a patio, and practicing my driving in the rental car, with Mr. K zonked in the back seat. (I still suck ass - to use a term dear to R - at parallel parking...hell, at any parking...and am generally nervous...And am facing my highway test next week...)

So that when she was getting ready to leave, I was sad and whiny (not unlike a spoiled dog, a character I am quite familiar with). "Why don't you live here?" I grumped faux-angrily (and irrationally)? It's hard to spend this much time together, in a way. Because spending a lot of time together - doing mundane things, like driving around and dog crisis management - is so familiar to us from having lived together for years. We just kind of melt into our routines (minus the griping and unhappiness) and it's jarring to intervene in that, by being apart. But I think it's right. We still don't know what we're going to do about us. We don't know whether it makes sense to try again, very long-distance. She's optimistic. I'm cautious. Expect a post about this soon.

Sadly, I am not in New York. But I'm very happy that I cancelled the trip to stay with Mr. K. And I was able to rebook this air miles ticket for next weekend. It won't be quite such an ideal trip for a couple of reasons - but at least I will get to see my dear Susan and the work-related exhibition, which I am so dying to see!


Tiruncula said...

Glad Mr. K is doing better!

dbm/gaa said...

I'm so relieved about Mr. K!

Good luck with your driving - I still have not ventured back behind the wheel.