Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend update

It's (yet another) gloomy day 'round these parts. Sun, why have you forsaken us?

My weekend has been crazily up and down...

On the plus side, I accomplished the three currently realistic Goals for a Happier Me that I blogged about on Thursday (the fourth is not possible until January...). I:

- talked for an hour and a half on the phone with my friend M, satisfying my desire for phone connections instead of email; and
- went out (relatively spontaneously, in Home City terms - only 24 hours' notice) with my friend K, to celebrate her having been made a partner at her law firm. This one outing counted toward the other two goals: seeing friends, and having joyous eating occasions. We went out for mid-afternoon tea and treats at a place I positively worship. I am serious; the food at this place is works of art, and nearly brings tears to my eyes every time. Not even kidding. The sheer beauty!! Of food and surroundings, actually - I swoon from the gorgeousness. It is really, really nourishing on every level, and I hope for future blogfriend meetups there. I had a maple pumpkin tart and nearly melted with happiness. And I talked to my friend K about what's going on with GF - she is one of the very few real-life people I've talked to about it, for a number of reasons - and she was lovely.

On the more difficult side, the job talk literally drove me to drink on Friday night, after my second day of trying to write it.

But on the plus side, I had an emergency phone conversation with my former supervisor this morning, and she agreed with my misgivings about the route I was taking, and concurred with my hunch that I should start over again with a different chunk of research. A few hours of work today, and I seem to be nearly there. Thank goodness for her!

On the minus side, things with GF have been a bumpy ride this weekend. Blech, blech, blech.

Another minus - my aunt F reminded me of what I had conveniently forgotten. That there is a very rare, hereditary eye ulcer condition in my mother's family. So I'd better get me to the doctor about my eye thing, though from what I understand, it's so rare it's one of those things that nobody will have even heard of.

I remembered, then, this horrible thing: Once, when I was five or six, I was woken up in the middle of the night by my mother screaming as my dad led her downstairs. Some kind of eye thing had flared up out of nowhere and she was screaming in agony about the light. She went to emergency and they bandaged up her eyes for a few days. I remember that she looked like a fly with those enormous pillowy bandages. Let's hope that the fly look is not in my future.

The plus side of the eye thing is that it doesn't hurt.

Also on the plus side, I am going to go for a run shortly, for the first time in two weeks - crisis and cold have conspired to keep me out of my running shoes. And I am making comfort food for dinner - pasta with chickpeas, and a salad with arugula, and maybe even a half-batch of brownies. And Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is on - I am loving it. It's nice to have a show (besides downloaded L Word); I never have a show.


Sarah said...

Glad you had a good weekend! What is this place with the gorgeous food that you worship? I must go there!

medieval woman said...

God I hope the fly-eye-pillow thingys aren't in your future! Hie thee to the doctor, woman!