Friday, November 24, 2006

Eye update

Remember, I have that eye thing?

Well, I saw the doctor and it is probably fine. I am supposed to watch it, but they think it is not a big deal. So that's good.

And I, very much a non-shopaholic, bought the following random selection of completely unnecessary items in half an hour today after my doctor's appointment:

- four hair clips
- homemade deli mustard
- unsuitable hair conditioner
- silicone pastry brush
- $19 piece of Basque sheep cheese

That about says it all, really. Paper over emptiness with commodities. How predictable.


medieval woman said...

Did you get them all at the same place? :)

I'm really glad your eye is going to be okay and I hope you love your sheep cheese and that your hair looks great!

Commodities are okay when you're feeling down - but if you lease a new Cadillac we'll stage an intervention... :)


Mimi said...

Hilaire, you bought CHEESE.
It is never a commoditie. It is a miracle of life and we all need it badly .
Not predictable, but full of sense (and taste).


Hilaire said...

I stand corrected! You are right - it *is* a miracle of life and a necessity. I have been enjoying, indeed!

And - thanks for the virtual hugs, MW. I think I felt them - I had a marvelous night by myself enjoying dance and punctuating it with sparkling wine.