Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I haven't left, though I was supposed to be at the airport now.

I took Diamond in yesterday afternoon because of her lethargy. She had a high fever, as it turned out. The vet gave her another pain shot. I hadn't been giving her the liquid anti-pain/anti-inflammatory drops because I had been told to put them in her food and she wouldn't eat with them in the food - I tried for a day and a half. I was scolded by the vet for not giving them to her. I guess I hadn't realized how important these were...she had seemed better, so I thought she could live without them, as long as she was being quiet and not jumping about. I also didn't know she would have a fever because of soft tissue injury. He said if she doesn't get better within about three days, I should bring her back and he can make sure there is no internal injury or anything. Oh dear, oh dear.

Anyway, so, I'm assuming it is all going to be okay. I can give her the drops manually instead of putting them in her food, so that shouldn't be a problem - and pain and fever should be controlled in order to let her heal.

I didn't leave this morning because I didn't feel right going until she seems much better. I'm now scheduled to leave late on Friday night. I have now spent more money on change fees on that ticket (having changed it four times since my own accident happened) than the cost of the ticket itself. Ridiculous.

Now my final helper is gone and I'm here alone with Diamond for a day and a half. We'll see how I fare.

Anyway. That's the update.


Anonymous said...

How awful for you. I hope Diamond gets better and that your trip goes well. Hang in there.


Belle said...

If she's giving you any grief about the meds, you might try rubbing it on her face or paws. When she licks it off, she'll at least get some into her system. And that'd be easier for whoever takes over care when you do manage to get away.

Good luck.

Hilaire said...

Belle -
Yup, I thought I'd put the drops (which are about the consistency of honey) on her nose so she has to lick them off. Should be easy. Just once a day, too - starting this afternoon when the shot wears off.

I"ve also been giving her pills (antibiotics) and while it's been a struggle, it's been doable with a pill popper. But I've felt so bad chasing her down (as best I can!) and then having to hold her sore little body tight to give the pills.

squadratomagico said...

Oh, poor little Diamond! I hope she feels better soon! Sounds like the poor sweetie is really hurting -- I'm glad you've decided to stay with her a little longer.

Psychgrad said...

Seems like the vet should also explain the purpose of the medication and whether it is a critical med or not.

I hope Diamond feels better soon and that everything works out.

Hilaire said...

Psychgrad - I think part of the problem was that the vet's assistant explained the drops regimen to me, and not the vet himself. She told me to put them "in food" when it's in fact that they should be taken on a full stomach. And she didn't tell me, as you say, that it was a critical med.

Well, now i know, and I've given them to her this afternoon. She still doesn't seem great, though - I'm worried. I don't know whether to think this is normal or not...

Dr. K said...

Oh, goodness, I am so sorry to read that Diamnd is still not feeling well. I hope that it all turns around for you both sooner rather than later.

As for the pain meds, I feel for you. My kitty is also adverse to being given medication and I, like you, feel awful chasing him down when he's not feeling well to begin with and then squirting medication into his mouth.

Can you get enough on Diamond's nose to be effective at relieving the pain? I'm asking only because I remember that 1 ml of pain meds twice per day was what was required to control my kitty's pain. Did the vet give you a syringe to administer the pain medication? That made all of the difference for me and my kitty.

I'm glad that you decided to stay with her. It was the right decision, even if it did end up costing you a small fortune.

My thoughts are with you both for a speedy recovery and my kitty sends Diamond a deep purr.

medieval woman said...

First off, that's SO brilliant to stick the drops on her nose. Especially if they're thick and there's only a few drops. I think she feels better today because of the pain shot the vet gave her, she might be a little less perky tomorrow, but the drops will soon have her right as rain. And I think she'll be fine!

I'm sorry about all the traveling snafus, but I do think it'll be a lot better making sure she's okay before going back to Home City.


Rachel said...

A couple thoughts -

1. Are you sure you can't take Diamond with you? You said you "can't manage" her while on crutches, but

2. Have you asked for wheelchair assistance at the airport? That would give you a lap for Diamond, as well as making things easier for you. You could be wheeled right onto the plane (am assuming you're flying).

3. Ask your doc for a referral to someone to work with you on getting better at the crutches. Part of it is simply strength, and that does take time, but I'd be asking for someone to work with me on figuring out balance, best tactics, etc, so that you can indeed get your mail without damaging your knee. It might be a physical therapy or occupational therapy resource, or something else, but go ahead and ask for it. Assuming you can use a referral from your doc back in Home City.

Caveat on traveling with Diamond - the vet might recommend against her flying while she's so sore. But if she's clingy still and you don't want to leave her, I'd be looking for ways to make it happen.

Good luck with it all. Hope you two are soon feeling much better. Safe travels.

Hilaire said...

Hi Rachel,

Yeah, it's partly about not being able to manage her while I'm on crutches (that's why I decided right after my own accident that I wouldn't be taking her with me, as long planned). I have booked wheelchair assistance at the airports (three of them), but I also have a heavy carry-on bag to manage. Anyway, the bigger issue is that I don't think it would be fair to Diamond right now - she's so sore, she's already been tortured so much by being carried to the vet, given pills, etc. And her little carrier bag that I bought to fit airplane regulations is little - she'd be all squished up for many, many hours. Then she'd be in a brand new environment where she's never been before. When she stays at my friend's, she's in a place she knows and likes. So this not wanting to leave her is more about me than it is about what's good for her! :)

As for the crutches, I've gotten very strong on them after 3 weeks. It's amazing to feel the difference - my arms used to hurt a lot after just a couple of minutes. Now I'm fine, pretty much. I can walk very fast when I'm not "cheating." And I've figured out a couple of good strategies that I use all the time. Part of the thing the other day (and I didn't blog this part), was that someone was holding a door for me and I felt bad and so was trying to move way too fast in my little "cheat" pose! I shouldn't do that! I.e. I shouldn't feel bad for being a little slow.

That said, I have booked an appointment with a physiotherapist for next week in Home City, mostly to get some exercises I can do for my leg while it's out of commission, so it doesn't atrophy too much. But I can also ask her for any other strategies she might have.

Hilaire said...

Oh, and Dr. K. - I ended up putting it on her paw so she had to lick it off, as Belle had suggested. You're right - it was a lot to try and get on her nose and that didn't work very well. But the licking it off the paw worked well!

Maude Lebowski said...

oh hilaire, i'm sorry things are getting rougher before they are getting better. maybe the four weeks in home city will be restful and you can begin to heal a little bit. ugh, and i'm sorry about diamond, too. i wasn't giving the divine miss t her liver meds because i was getting lazy (and it costs like $100/mo) and she was being really snarly--like growling all the time! and then once i got the meds back in her system regularly, after a couple of days she was her regular self again.



Rachel said...

Read more of your blog, and feel a bit foolish for suggesting an airport wheelchair when you've clearly had the need already this year. Sorry for presuming.

Sounds like you've a great alternative for Diamond. Wonderful to have friends who will help in those ways.