Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Post of incoherent bullets

- Honolulu: strange place. Good, fine...but so surprising, with its concrete jungle aesthetic, and yet these misty mountains and ocean. Can't get my head around it.
- Nor have I really had time to get my head around it...I've had NO down-time since I arrived, having been conference-scheduled to death. Exhaustion looming.
- My theory is that I got that migraine on Saturday because of excessive stress over my paper for this conference. Not good. Stress not dissipating. Merely in hiding.
- I like the fact that here, when I have gone running at 6:30 in the morning (I really struggle to run first thing in the morning when I'm at home - why is it so easy to do when I travel?), the oceanfront park is filled...FILLED...with people. It may as well be midday. There are hundreds of people in the park before 7am, running, walking, fishing, swimming. That is very cool.
- On Thursday R comes. It's her 40th birthday on Friday. She is currently the grouchiest-guts I've ever known...says she's upset about the birthday. I gathered, from something she said on the phone yesterday, that it's largely because she thinks nobody is marking this birthday (besides me)...none of her friends talking about taking her out to celebrate, or anything. Little does she know that it's because they are having a HUGE SURPRISE PARTY for her on Wednesday night! Hurrah!
- And then we will have fun here for a day or two, and then on the Big Island for a week...I have rented a tiny little teak cottage, and it is near flowing lava, and black sand beaches, and hot springs, and various other delights. Hurrah, again!
- That is all. I am zonked.


Sarah Williams said...

oooohhh...Enjoy the Big Island. I've gone every January for the past few winter seasons and it has become one of my favourite places on earth. Surf will be great this time of year - take advantage!

Brigindo said...

Good theory. Stress is a major trigger for migraines. Sorry the stress is still there.

I'm not a big fan of the surprise party for just that reason - it always seems to make someone feel bad before you make them feel really good.

Have fun on the Big Island with R and tell her the blogosphere wishes her a very happy b'day.