Saturday, April 05, 2008

Random facts

The lovely Brigindo has tagged me with a random facts meme. This one asks for ten random facts. I know you all have heard random facts about me, but since this is much more diverting than the other things on my agenda for this weekend - grading first-year papers, writing a guest lecture for Tuesday, preparing documents for merit review, and cleaning the house in advance of visitors arriving next week - let me throw some more random facts at you.

1. Last night I went five-pin bowling and bowled - as I always tend to do - really very badly.

2. Last night I also stayed up so late talking over wine with my two favourite friends here - see, my wish has been fulfilled! - that I confessed to being "a little bit scared" when I realized what time it was. Fear seems like a very odd response to staying up late, but there you have it.

3. I once won a spelling bee.

4. I saw the film The Band's Visit the other night and I just. loved. it. I urge you to see it, all of you, if you haven't already.

5. I marginally failed grade eleven math through sheer lack of effort, and that was the end of my math career.

6. I once attended a pool party at the prime ministerial residence, 24 Sussex Drive.

7. My relationship with my mother puts me in touch with the worst parts of myself and makes me question my humanity.

8. I detest coconut.

9. I am fair-skinned and -haired.

10. I didn't exercise at all until I was twenty, but then I became a very committed workout person.

I am not going to tag specific folks, but all those who would like a procrastination tool, do borrow!


luckybuzz said...

Congratulations on the spelling bee! I was in my school-wide spelling bee twice, and I still cringe when I hear the words I lost on. :)

Brigindo said...

"My relationship with my mother puts me in touch with the worst parts of myself and makes me question my humanity."

This comment alone makes me think we are twins. Thanks for playing.

Hilaire said...

Luckybuzz--It's funny, that. For many years I remembered words from this spelling bee, too. I have finally forgotten what they were. I think this spelling bee was in French - that would make sense.

Brigindo - Really? Well, I shall hope for an in-person meetup one day, and we can talk all about that. :)

PossiblyFutureDrGirl said...

Seriously? you attended a pool party at the PM's house? Awesome!

Wait --was it a Liberal pool party, or a Conservative pool party? 'cause you KNOW it makes a difference! :P

Hilaire said...

Mandy - I was a young'un. I went to school with Pierre Trudeau's sons for a while (at a public school) while he was in office. So this was the anuual class party. I believe he was around the day I won the spelling bee, too! (I actually have a lot of respect for him because I saw his devotion to his kids...)

Hilaire said...

Oops - You're not who I thought you were...I responded to the name without reading fully...sorry about that!! :)

PossiblyFutureDrGirl said...

No worries! Same person. (Slight name change because I decided to take a stab at blogging but, well...I suck at it!)

I'm in awe of a class party (and spelling bee) in the presence of Trudeau. I suppose none of the kids cared too much, but all of your parents...!