Thursday, March 06, 2008


Finally, a post that's not dire.

I am feeling (nearly) triumphant - and expect to feel fully triumphant tomorrow night when this week of events is over.

The event that was the subject of all the media interviews I did was an astonishing success. Best of all was that it was a community event - so it was one that brought all sorts of community members out, and it was not dominated in any way by academic discourse. It wasn't one of these attempts to bridge campus and community that falls awkward and flat - I've seen those before. I couldn't believe it - all 90+ seats were filled. The audience was so grateful for it. People were so appreciative. People hung around after it was over, connecting with each other, not wanting to let the vibe of the evening dissipate. It. was. all. so. great. Better than I ever, ever could have imagined.

And today's event on campus, which I introduced, was also very well-attended and lovely.

This makes me happy. I'm happy to have facilitated goodness - important goodness. As one person remarked of the main event last night, "it's unbelievable that this is happening in Scary City."

And I'm happy that the pressure's off - tomorrow is relatively low-key. This has been a crazy, crazy week...I have forgotten to eat dinner more than once, not had time for breakfast most mornings. I've had very little sleep. I discovered halfway through my class yesterday that I didn't have the readings with me, and had to run back to my office to get them. I locked my keys in the photocopy room today. You know. That kind of a week.

So I'm so glad that it's turning out to be worth it, to have meant something real. Hurrah!


Maude Lebowski said...

yea!!!! yippee!!!! i'm so glad, so E.X.C.I.T.E.D.! that a) it's over, and b) that it was a roaring success! and now it's over and you can relax a bit.

you rock!


dbm/gaa said...

Hooray and congratulations! I'm so please for you on two counts. One, that it went well and two that it is almost over so that you can get some rest and start eating meals again!

kermitthefrog said...

Oh, congratulations! And how rare to put together an event that bridged town and gown so successfully.

plam said...

Hurrah! That's good stuff. Get some sleep on the weekend!

Pantagruelle said...

Yay! Big Congrats!!!

What Now? said...

I'm so glad it went well!! What a relief!

Thoroughly Educated said...

I'm so glad it all turned out well! And now...some well-deserved rest for Hilaire.

Belle said...

Magnificent! Excellent, and congratulations Hilaire! Isn't that a great feeling? I got to participate in one of those last night - in which I had a small part - and it was wonderful to witness it work!

Time for some Hilaire celebrating!

neophyte said...

Oh, Hilaire! Oh, YAY! This is wonderful news. You so richly deserve this reward.

Go you.

adjunct whore said...

you're a bee charmer, that's what you are.

medieval woman said...

This is a tad late to the game, but I'm so happy it all went well!


I think you're brilliant - but you knew that already! :)