Sunday, March 09, 2008

Random bits of weekend

I felt strangely liberated this weekend, after the events of last week. Even though the event that took place on Friday night - a band at the campus pub, a band that had traveled to be here - was very poorly attended because the student union and pub management, which were supposed to publicize it, did nothing of the sort. The whole evening was an embarrassing debacle, and my poor colleague who was coordinating this event was horrified. Actually, no, it wasn't an embarrassing debacle in all ways...the band was great, and those of us who were there had a great time.

But the clean-up now involves me going around begging for money to pay the rest of their fee because the take at the door was so low. I feel like forcing the pub people, who totally dropped the ball and didn't do what they said they would do, to pay it. The bastards.

Notwithstanding that, I've felt rather happy this weekend. Rather free. It's amazing how much these events were hanging over my head, for weeks and weeks.

But these are some observations:

- I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why clothing stores don't invest in some better mirror/lighting action in their changerooms. Winners - where I seem to buy many of my clothes these days - is the worst culprit. I feel like a monster every time I see myself in front of their changeroom mirrors. Yesterday was the worst time ever...I left very disturbed by, well, myself. I just don't get it. Isn't it in the interest of the stores to have better bloody situations going on back there? Good grief.

- On that note, I feel like I've aged five years in the seven and a half months since I've been in Scary City. Part of it is the weather/environment here, which is terrible for my skin. Part of it is surely stress. And I suppose the other part is just...getting older. I have had a very annoying crisis about all of this lately - you know, annoying because one wants to be over the body image shit when one can deconstruct it all intellectually. I didn't realize I'd be so bothered by aging.

- I went to a comedy show last night with my non-academic friends, this couple I heart very much. I don't really know how I've so lucky as to fall in with them...One of them owns a store that I adore because it feels incredibly urban - as if it is not in Scary City - and hence feels like HOME. I started going to her store regularly in August, and we just got to chatting a lot, and I've bought things from her and now she and her girlfriend and I are new best friends and they seem to be cultivating me or whatever. Which is lovely. Anyway, so, we went on a little road trip to go to this women's comedy show in another city, featuring a very well known comic from Home City whose performances I've seen many a time. This person was headlining this packed show. She's an out lesbian. Given the dearth of queer culture where I live, I was excited - so were we all.

Well. Three comics opened for the headlining lesbian. The first made a racist joke. The second made a joke about lesbians...which included the following gems [all this offensiveness in one joke - that's efficient], "I went to my first lesbian wedding, and I needed to find a way to show them I was straight" and "I wanted to show them that this wedding ring on my finger actually meant something" [!!!!!!!!!!] and "I decided to wear a short skirt - to show I'm straight - and not shave my legs, to show I'm lesbian-friendly." And no, this most definitely wasn't satire.

How could this be?? A famous lesbian comic is preceded by homophobic jokes?? Only in Scary City, I tell you. Thankfully, the audience seemed put off by this - though they seemed to be enjoying the rest of her pathetic and completely unfunny act. And they did love the lesbian comic and give her a standing ovation. But still. Totally, totally disheartening. It's things like this that estrange me from this place, that make me want to flee. Take my urban-store-owning lesbian friends and make a break back to Home City where I don't have all these moments of feeling like I'm from another frigging planet.


Psychgrad said...

That's wierd/disappointing. You would think the comic would at least consider the audience. Not to mention that it's pretty gross.

A colleague of mine had a similar experience at a comedy show. Her companion researches the use of humour to perpetuate stereotypes and prejudice. They ended up walking out of the show. The scene wasn't pretty as there were words exchanged during the show.

dbm/gaa said...

Oh god, how horrible to have to sit through homophobic and racist crap. Did people boo? I hope so.

I hear you on the aging thing. We aren't supposed to care, us liberated-feminist-cultural-studies types. We know it is all hype on an intellectual level, and we talk that talk all the time. Most of the time I can walk the walk, too, but there are a few things about my aging post-baby body that depress the hell out of me. White hair? I'm more than okay with it so far. Boobs heading south? Ugh.

squadratomagico said...

Yes, aging has been unexpectedly difficult for me, too. Where did alll that strange drooping come from? But I feel so frivolous admitting it.

Too bad about the obnoxious comedy show, but it sounds like your new friends are awesome! Congrats on finding some fun people to hang out with!

plam said...

Wow, that's pretty "impressive" (or something).

When my parents came to visit me they complained about the lack of humidity at my place, which I've since remedied. Bad climate just sucks (unless you can remediate it).

Fifi Bluestocking said...

I believe I look at least 5 years older since starting my TT job a year ago. So I blame the job. And I sympathise with you on the crappy climate too.

Hilaire said...

Oh, we are all so upset about aging!

DBM/GAA - I hear you on the boobs. And Squadratomagico, yes, the drooping bits - where *do* they come from??

Fifi - Yeah, it probably is mostly the job. Let's put this down as another hidden factor liability of life on the TT.

Psychgrad - I wish there had been some heckling/booing. It would have been hard to exchange words since the venue was so large. Really quite cavernous and packed.

Plam - Yes, I totally need a humidifier. I tried to buy one this year at Zellers, and they didn't have any of the mini ones. Next winter, though, I'm so doing it!

JustMe said...

i guess i never realized that your city was a scary city. that does not sound good.

and yes, i am with you on the changing room mirrors, the clothes i bring home are sometimes different colors...