Friday, February 22, 2008

Random bullets of Friday

- Well, that turned out to be a pretty un-fun visit to Home City, in many ways. Can you say fighting?? Ugh.

- But now I'm in Nearest Metropolis, seeing C., and going dancing in a few hours (the old kind of dancing that I can't do anymore, that was such a part of my life for 15+ years, and that I won't be able to do again until a week at dance camp in August. So excited - ready to squeeze every drop of joy out of this experience, to last me for six months!)

- Returning to Scary City on Sunday will mean re-immersing myself in the upcoming Week-Long-Series-of-Events-Whose-Organization-I-Spearheaded-But-Which-Give-Me-a-Headache-Every-Time-I-Think-About-Them. Good lord. I CANNOT wait for two weeks from today, when all of this will be winding down. I am INSANE for taking this on. Remind me that the idea for next to year is to get one big-ass speaker. One event. No more.

- I had 5-6 inches cut off my hair on Wednesday, taking me from having Long Hair to having a bob. I am currently not very happy about this, not at all, but have some hope that it will get better...I tend to like new haircuts dramatically better after about 7-10 days.

- I saw a boxer in the park here in Nearest Metropolis yesterday, and I visited with her for a few moments. The way she held her paws, and the way she looked at me through those boxer eyes, unraveled me. I left crying, feeling I'd almost touched Mr. K again. But not.

- This week I got notification from the organizers of another conference I'm going to in the summer (not this one) that they were pleased to award me several hundred dollars of funding. Huh?? I didn't apply for funding! Hurrah, right?! What a funny - great - thing. I had also in the fall received a travel grant from my institution for part of my (expensive) plane fare, so the whole thing is becoming much less dauntingly pricey a proposition than it was previously. Nice.

That's all!


medieval woman said...

Ugh - I'm sorry that Home City was rife with fighting...

But the new hair sounds CUTE! I can see you with a bob...

Hope you have a lovely time dancing and here's to being two weeks in the future!

Maude Lebowski said...

ditto. SB's aunt and uncle have a chocolate lab and he reminds me so much of my Scout that i spend most of my time hugging the dog than i do engaging with the family. (and they're not bad people so it's not like some avoidance thing.) it gets easier. i don't cry anymore. and i'm sorry about the fighting.

and, YEA for the haircut! i'm sure it's adorable!!

and double YEA YEA for dancing! i want to go dancing. i love dancing. bust a move or a grove or something for me.

adjunct whore said...

wouldn't it be nice if we could sit and drink wine and laugh and complain about it all?

i've been toying with doing a bob so i think it sounds fabulous!

squadratomagico said...

Sorry that your visit to Home City has not been going well, but I hope the dancing was madenningly joyous and fun! And that every time you swung your head, your hair flowed around your head and bounced.

Looks like the end of this year is in sight, however daunting the remaining obstacles. Then you can move begin looking forward, searching for a new position and finding fresh things. So, the end is in sight.