Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm going back to Home City tomorrow, after my class. For the February break is upon us, next week. I'll be there for a week, and then in Nearest (to here) Metropolis for three days, seeing my friend C, and dancing. I intend to actually use this Reading Week to Read - or, get several days' worth of reading in, at least.

I've noticed a new kind of haunting by Mr. K in the last couple of days. I had been starting to feel better - every day was getting better - but in the last forty-eight hours or so, I've been invaded by memories of him constantly. I'd already been thinking about him so much every day, but these are more like violent intrusions, making me feel very uneasy. I suspect this is because I'm about to go back, and he won't be there. The jury's out on what that will be like.


dbm/gaa said...

It sounds like you are leaving the shock and denial stage of grief and that Mr. K's nonexistence in the world you are in is really hitting home. It will be hard to come back to a place without him, but it might help you grieve as well.

Have a safe journey to Home City!

Maude Lebowski said...

i agree with dbm/gaa. it's one of those "firsts" after a loss. this is the first time back. allow yourself to feel sad when you get back home. it's okay. and enjoy memories of him.

damn! and have fun dancing, too! i haven't gone dancing in about two years. i try to keep my grove in good form, though, by busting into random dance moves at work.

have a safe trip.


Psychgrad said...

I hope you have a good trip back home. I agree with Maude's first paragraph.

When you get a've been tagged1

medieval woman said...

I hope this trip proves to be the balm to your soul that you need.

Thinking about you!


Belle said...

Celebrate his life, and the joy he brought. He'll always be with you, just not in wiggly body.