Monday, December 31, 2007

Totally random New year's Eve post

I don’t know what to say about the last few days...there was some fun in them. Highlights? Going tubing at a ski resort on Saturday night. A fantastic 25th wedding anniversary party at my aunt F’s on the 27th. Not falling into the Vortex of Fighting when we spent the weekend at R’s mother’s place. Walks in the deep snow with Mr. K, who flails wildly when he runs, sometimes – his limbs going out in all directions – and provides much amusement for all who see him.

Yesterday was my birthday – I turned 33. I was bitten by a cat! Like, seriously bitten - the skin was broken and blood was drawn!! It was a cat in the Pet Valu. He was up on the counter and I was petting him and all of a sudden he bit me. It was - I kid you not - one of the more painful things I've ever experienced. It Hurt A Lot. Anyway, just a weird, random thing, being bitten so badly by a cat.

The highlight of the birthday was dinner at perhaps my very favourite restaurant...I go there just once, maybe twice, a year – so it remains special. And goddamn, it has good food. Really simple, really awesome Italian food. Last night for an appetizer I had baked polenta with wild chanterelle mushrooms and toasted ricotta – good lord, that was good. My main was a beet ravioli. Here’s the thing – usually beet ravioli is not very beety at can barely taste the beet. This one was marvellously beety, exploding with the earthiness of beet. With a fantastic counterpoint of some very sharp cheese over top. So simple. So. Freaking. Delicious. Dessert was a little thing made of hazelnut meringue and dark chocolate mousse and espresso zabaione. And they gave us a gorgeous, peachy, frizzante dessert wine because it was my birthday. I kind of died. Like every time I go there. Yum.

We drank a lot at dinner, though, and then headed out to meet two friends for drinks at my local gem of a bar. The result was that – without intending to – I got really, capital-D Drunk for my birthday. We both did. That would be fine, except for the fact that being drunk meant that I went to bed wearing the new necklace R had given me that morning for my birthday, which is delicate and has a pendant made of wood. It is a thing that should not be slept in, and would certainly not be if I were in my right mind, that's for sure. It broke while I slept. Oh my goodness, that is SO bad. So bad. I have some faith that it can be repaired, though. Eeep - I hope so.

Today? Ouch. Today we walked the dog in the morning, both headachey and exhausted. Then met my mother for lunch – which, thank god, restored me somewhat – and then went to a matinee of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Hee – it was amusing. Much more of a silly spoof than I was expecting...obviously I knew it was a satire, but I didn’t know it was bordering on that kind of Airplane genre. Fine, though, especially for a hungover day like today.

I was planning to go out to friends' annual really fun New Year’s party that I usually go to every year I am in Home City, but I am most definitely not up for the dancing and merriment that it entails, after last night. Instead, we have decided to stay home, do up a taco kit with veggie ground round, watch our remaining two episodes of The Tudors (a gift from me to R for Xmas), and...I suspect I will fall asleep before midnight.

Happy New Year, faithful blogfriends!


Margo, darling said...

Happy New Year to you. And HAPPY birthday! I'm so glad I got to meet you this year. You deserve all sorts of mushy, wonderful happiness during your Jesus year. xoxo

Psychgrad said...

Woah - happy 33rd birthday! And happy New Year. 2008...yipes, it's going to take me 3 month to stop writing 2007.

I hope your holidays have been a good rejuvenation before returning to university city.

Maggie said...

Happy New Year! And I shall email you soon, I promise...

Pantagruelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sending you good vibes that the pendant can be easily repaired. So glad to hear that you had such as delicious birthday dinner and got to let loose and party hardy!

squadratomagico said...

BEET RAVIOLI? H!o!l!y! S!h!i!t!

That sounds like the best entree in the whole world. I love beets. I love ravioli. Urrrk!

And Happy birthday -- a Capricorn, eh? So is SweetCliffie.

Wishing you a year of steady improvement in all things -- work, love, fun. I'm glad I got to know you this year.

Sfrajett said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! I love taco kits. A lot. And you have inspired me to finally watch the Tudors.

Hilaire said...

Thanks, all!

Squadratomagico, you must get your hands on some beet ravioli...It can be done...I've seen it on the menu at several places! Make it a 2008 goal...:)