Monday, December 24, 2007


Hello! Sorry, lovelies, that I've been so absent since I got back to Home City. It's just that there is nothing work-related to blog about, and my miserable personal life is not something I want to whine about. So I've been taking a hiatus.

I've also been BUSY! I was in Fun City (certain bloggers who live there - forgive me for not getting in touch...I was only there for 48 hours and decided not to see any of my friends/family there except for the one friend I was visiting, M) and Dad City last week, returning on Friday afternoon to a booked-solid weekend: Tea dates both days, lunch one day, dinner parties both nights. At this point, after two solid weeks of socializing over major meals and treats, I feel as if I need a serious detox! I may actually do some kind of cleanse after I get back to Scary City.

My 33rd birthday is on Sunday. My Jesus/Buddha year. Great. So far the only thing of note that I can imagine is going into therapy, which I am going to look into when I get back to Scary City. (Slightly worried about finding an appropriate therapist there, but I'm sure s/he exists...)

R and I are going to my mother's on Christmas Day, after (I hope) a nice long walk with the dog in the morning. On the 27th, I'm going to North City for the night - it is my favourite aunt, F's, 25th wedding anniversary and she and her husband are having a big party, and I'm staying over with M, who will be in North City visiting his family. On the weekend, R and I are going to visit her mother out of town for the weekend. This is worrying because historically, her mother's place has been like a Vortex of Fighting for us...we usually have quite a miserable time there...even when we're not staying, but just dropping in as we drive past from visits to North City, somehow we always manage to get into a fight in the car as we approach - with me invariably screaming at her to drop me off at the bus station - and then have a visit with her mother in which we are secretly not speaking to each other. Ah, yes. Charming. My strategy to counter this, on this visit, is to have R and I go inner-tubing at a nearby ski hill. I am excited!

To all of you, dear blogfriends, whether you are celebrating things or not, have a happy, safe week!


Andrea said...

Ah yes, fight syndrom, I know it well. It probably makes you and R emotional in some way to go to her mothers and then that results in fight. For years, my Dad and I would get in a huge fight whenever I was leaving. It upset him so much that I was leaving, he got angry but didn't know why and viola ...fight. At some piont my Mother noticed the pattern and pionted it out to both of us and now whenver I am leaving after a visit, we say, "let's not get in a fight this time." and we have been about 90% successful so it can be done!

squadratomagico said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and avoid fights! There are strange little space-time vortexes that produce fights: SweetCliffie and I used to always fight in one particular grocery store, back in grad. school. Then we learned to avoid the place.

Take a deep breath instead!

Flavia said...

Merry merry! And happy early birthday--I look forward to reading more in the new year.

Marcelle Proust said...

Bonne chance et joyeux noel.

neophyte said...


I'm sorry about the fighting, but it does look like this trip is being good for you, and that your return to Scary City will see you healthier than your departure. Yay for Hilaire!

(And no, I have NOT forgotten your e-gift! I just didn't make it to Paris, which complicated things -- you were going to get a surfeit of food and diffused light over cityscapes -- but you will have my very favorite thing in the world delivered to you just as soon as I can photograph it!)