Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Oh dear

Today was supposed to be..well...you know, relaxing. There were signs of trouble when R broke her finger (in an intervention with an uncharacteristically aggressive Mr. K) over the weekend, resulting in a visit to Emergency on Sunday, and then when on Christmas Eve Day I began feeling both as if I'd smoked two packs of cigarettes the night before, and as if sandpaper had replaced the flesh in my throat. But we pressed on, and had a nice day and evening yesterday, notwithstanding broken fingers and throats.

Today we were supposed to open presents and take the dog to the park, before taking transit out to my mother's for dinner and "festivity." Alas, R spent the night violently throwing up. She hasn't been able to move from the bed yet, after 3pm. (She is convinced she picked up whatever this bug is in her short time at the hospital.) Poor R!! We had to call and tell my mother we couldn't come today, which resulted in major disappointment for her; I'd bet my life she cried - nay, howled - when we hung up the phone. I invited them to drive over here in the late afternoon, bringing the huge Xmas dinner with them. So that is what is happening. I suspect my mother and stepfather and I will eat in the dining room, and R will have to stay in bed - and not eat. I worry about Xmas-dinner smells making her sick again. Oh dear -I feel really awful for her.

I took the dog for a considerably less cheerful walk than planned, my head pounding with something that seems to be related to the fun in my throat. And then I have spent much of the day cleaning the house to ready it for guests. Again with the funny/depressing times!

Ah yes, the best-laid plans...


medieval woman said...

Oh god, babe! That all sounds horrible - I hope you both feel better soon.

Ironically, it looks like TD might have broken or at least very severely mangled his toe. It's purple and he limps when he walks...

Ho, ho, ho??

What Now? said...

Oh no! I hope that the afternoon was somewhat salvaged, but all the way around not the Christmas you were planning.

I hope both of you are feeling better by now.

squadratomagico said...

Oh dear! Hope R feels better soon and that you enjoyed seeing your folks, even if under less-than-festive circumstances.

I saw a dog on the street the other day that reminded me of Mr. K. So cute! But... it seemed odd to be "reminded" of a doggie I've never met, who "belongs" of a woman I've never met. It's odd how things become a part of one's life, even if they aren't fully in one's life.

Best wishes for a happier New Year's!

JM said...

gah! happy birthday to you too! see, without a post to comment on, i dropped the ball. i'm a bad birthday-sharer!