Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy, happy!

OMG - my Chair just walked in with a young woman and said, "Allow me to introduce you to your new TA!" And she's a grad student!!

I had been told that I would get an undergrad, which I frankly was not thrilled with. I designed the course assignments accordingly, and readied myself for grading purgatory in this 90-student first-year class - I didn't figure an undergrad could do the grading of a lot of the work I would be assigning, especially if I hadn't met them or taught them and had no idea of their skills and abilities.

Lo and behold, Chair turned up with a grad student for me. This lifts the grading burden SO much. In fact, I just roughed out the hours that it would take for her to do most of the grading - with the exception of the critical reading responses and the essay questions on the final exam - and she can, I think, do it ALL within her allotted hours.

I spoke with her for a while and she's very smart and cool.

People, I am so happy. I cannot tell you how much easier I will breathe starting today.

And right after that, I went down to a colleague's office because she'd said she had a whole lot of books she wanted to offer to me. I came with two dozen awesome, current, right-up-my-alley, so-helpful-for-teaching books!!!

Also: on Monday I sent off my revisions on the article that was recently accepted, and just today I sent off the article I've been working on recently. In the end, I opted to send it to a "chemical engineering" journal instead of the "haiku" one. This was because, after taking ten days away from it, I reread it and thought it wouldn't really work in the haiku journal - it was too chemical-engineering jargony. It would require too much revision to really make it haiku-suitable. Next time.

A happy, happy day!!!


medieval woman said...

I'm so glad you have a great grad TA! That's fabulous and will take such a weight off your shoulders, which is exactly what it should do!

And I'm still amazing by your productivity, Hilaire! Please please rub off on me a bit...


MaggieMay said...

Good news all around. Yay you!

Bardiac said...

Yay, good news!

What Now? said...

What good news about the TA! That will make your life so much better this semester.