Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dudes, I miss my dog...

R sent this photo of Mr. K recently.
And this week Mr. K himself sent me a card. His hand bears a striking resemblance to R's own. :)
In it, he says, "R says that you're going to be home for Christmas - is that true? I've noticed that the air is starting to change and is getting colder, so I figure that must be pretty soon. I can't wait to see you, Hilaire - I'm going to go practice my bum wiggles now so I can give you a super good greeting when you come."
I miss him so much. I miss what it all feels like. I can't believe I will have to wait three months to see him...I so worry about him forgetting me. I think that would be the saddest thing of all. R always said I was his favourite, but I know that I will have been pushed out of that place after not seeing him for five months.
This week, in reponse to his card, I sent him one back. I also included a t-shirt I'd been sleeping in for a good many days. It smelled, well, slept-in by me, shall we say. I wanted to remind him of me. Maybe even to remind him of good things, like daily two-hour walks to the best parks. I wonder if dogs can have feeling evoked through smell. Probably not, but one can dream.


Tiruncula said...

Ooh! I'm sure dogs do experience feelings evoked by smells.

Bardiac said...

I agree with Tiruncula about the smells.

He won't forget you. I had a dog given to me; he'd been raised with another dog by my brother and his wife. My dog got flown across country to live with me.

A couple of years later, my brother, sis in law, and their dog moved near enough for driving visits. It was like the two dogs had never been parted. He also perfectly remembered my brother and sister in law.

It was cool of R to send you the card :) And a great idea to send back the t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Mr K is the cutest dog EVER. And I say that as the owner of a very very cute dog.

He won't forget you. And in fact, with the T shirt, he'll probably dream of you and your walks in the park! (from maggie. stupid blogger)

dbm/gaa said...

He is such a cutie - and I'm not really a dog person! He has such an expressive face, though, and he's a ham for the camera, yes?!

Hilaire - I'm just about to send you an email, asking for a favour!

medieval woman said...

Awwww! He is such a cute pooch - I know you miss each other terribly! I hope you get to see each other soon!!