Saturday, August 11, 2007

Drunk blogging/ranting

So I was invited to a dinner party tonight. With colleagues. New friend D had informed dinner-party host that I was in town, so she (very very sweetly, I might add) invited me along. D was there, along with 4 colleagues I met for the first time.

You know what, New Colleague? Let me tell you a basic rule of civility: If, after jumping on me in a most unfriendly and competitive manner so you can learn my credentials and where I taught previously, you find that you and I have different opinions of Dream Uni City, shut the fuck up. Don't persist, after I've been quite effusively expressing my love for the university and the city, in dissing it. Including with the 'epithet' "It's a working-class city."

And then, a couple of hours later? Don't start a conversation - with the whole 7-person dinner party listening in - whose sole purpose is to venerate the person who was once meant to have my position, but whose negotiation failed last year for various reasons. So that they let the search die and started a new one the next year, which resulted in me. Yes, that person's great, yes, she's smart. But here I am, in the position. Shut the fuck up.

And then? Don't begin a conversation with the other colleagues about how cool and exotic "gypsies" are, how you miss them and the way they "know how to live"...Shut the fuck up. What year is this?

Good god. What is the matter with people???


Bardiac said...


Some people are idiots. Everywhere and anywhere. I'm willing to bet that most of the people around know she's an idiot, and were just being silent because they were at her house. Alas, that doesn't make listening to her drivel any easier. Sorry.

medieval woman said...

Oh no they DIDN'T! Such a lack of class and common courtesy. Such annoying claptrap.

I have my band of ninja warriors looking into the case as we speak. Expect this person to be egged very soon and in a public place...

MaggieMay said...

You know, when academics are good they are very very good, but when they are bad they are HORRID. Gah. Sorry you had to endure this moron.

Belle said...

Much sympathy for the agonizing hours. Did you grind your teeth into stubs?

Let's all put a hex on them; one of my favorites, one poorly remembered but giddily recalled:

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your pubic regions!

Hilaire said...

Thanks for the sympathy, all!

I love the hex, Belle!