Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Oh, my dream home...

I usually don't think about my dream home very often, figuring it'll never happen.

But since I moved into this place last week, I can't stop fantasizing about it. This is because of the kitchen here...a very large kitchen, with tons of space for me to dance around, and speakers wired in from the living room so that I can listen to loud music while I cook, and numerous work surfaces, so that I can spread my cooking out, making a bunch of localized messes. And a double sliding glass door into the backyard.

Tonight I had a friend over for dinner. I cooked delicious things, I must say, and the process was so much less stressful than it is in tiny kitchens.

This kitchen meets a good half of my dream home requirements. The other half is a large, square, covered porch that would be sheltered enough to act as a second office when the weather was warm enough. So that the rain could be a-pouring down, but there I'd be, tapping away at some article on my laptop, on my roofed-in porch. I spent time on a porch like this, sort of, visiting friends of friends when I was on a cycling trip with an ex of mine. (Not far, in the grand scheme of things, from where I'm moving - Scary City. Funny, then, that Scary City is so very, very far from the roofed-porch-office vibe...)

Anyway. Yay, dream homes. Hooray for big kitchens!


Tiruncula said...

Yes yes yes yes yes! Kitchens big enough to dance in and a porch sheltered enough to sit in comfort in a summer storm! I have a friend whose family house in MN has such a porch. It's more like a screened-in gazebo or summer house attached to the main house by a covered passage, so you can be surrounded on almost all sides by the outdoors, but screened from bugs and rain.

dbm/gaa said...

Our kitchen isn't huge but it is so much bigger than our former kitchen. I didn't realize how small our old kitchen was until we moved and I noticed how little space I could use when cooking, even when I could spread out I was still conserving space!

medieval woman said...

Oooo! Sounds awesome! We want to come see you and your new kitchen! :)

squadratomagico said...

In my opinion one of the very best things about owning your own home is being able to paint the walls. After years and years of "antique white" apartment walls, I painted my whole house in splendid color. Feeds my soul!

Hilaire said...

Tiruncula - Yes, a screened-in porch is a good thing. My only thing about screens is, why can't they make them out of that fishing-line-type material, so they're white/transparent instead of black? Well, I guess I know why - it's because screens are made of metal, and metal's not transparent or white. But still, know what I mean?

dbm/gaa - you have a great kitchen. In fact, your whole house is fabulous!

MW - Yes, I do so hope that you come!!

Squ - Yes, painted walls. This is such a given for me, roo. I've painted rental apartments before - I sure as hell hope they'll let me in my next place. Last place I lived (with ex-GF for four years in a house she owned), my study was painted pumpkin. It was the best colour!!

Sfrajett said...

Sounds like a lovely place to spend the summer!