Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dog co-parenting

Since I am moving out of GF's place this weekend, I have begun to prepare in earnest for that.

I've also been thinking about what life is going to look like for poor Mr. K. I talked to GF on the weekend when I was away. She said he was mopey and whiny and missing me. When I returned yesterday, he was thrilled - as he always is. Just so happy. Though GF claims that he is closest to me, I see this behaviour go the other way, too. He is watchful and less than happy when she is not here. All in all, he is very clearly happiest when we are both home. He's in his element, loved and doted on by his two people.

So it kind of breaks my heart to have that togetherness end - this time in terms of what it means for the dog. GF will have him from Monday evening to Friday morning, when I will pick him up and take him for the weekend. At A's, where I'm going to be living for the next six months or so, there is another dog, one that Mr. K knows well. So that will make him happy, will possibly distract him. But there is no other dog here at GF's house. There is just GF and not-me. And when I move for a job in the summer, I will be taking him with me to another city. Away from her. I find it really sad that one consequence of this breakup is the loss of that very happiest state for Mr. K.


medieval woman said...

That is going to be tough on Mr. K - I'm sorry that he'll be sad, but hopefully the presence of "pal doggie" will make it a bit easier!!

MaggieMay said...

It *will* be tough on Mr K, and I feel sad for him (and you). Before getting my dog (and having had only a cat), I had no idea how much dogs are "pack" animals. You and GF are Mr K's "pack," and he's probably going to be confused for awhile.

I agree with mw though-- having a new doggie pal will make things easier.

oh Hilaire! What a crazy year you've had!

Bardiac said...

Mr. K will have some adjustment, but most dogs adjust pretty well to whatever comes their way, so he'll probably be fine.

I hope your move goes as well as it can, Hilaire.