Thursday, July 20, 2006

In future, Mr. K and I will be unavailable on July 20

This morning Mr. K and I went for our walk to the enormous dog park, where we go several times a week. While there, Mr. K ran into two boxers owned by a young woman I’d never seen there before. Mr. K’s a boxer himself. When he finally coaxed them out of the shade to play with him, they both chased him – his favourite game – and then one bit him on the haunch. It doesn’t look too serious and the young woman volunteered to give me her number, so that was good – she was being a responsible dog owner. But it was more than a nip – it was bleeding slightly and sensitive. I had a dog walker/vet tech that I know there look at it, and she thought it wouldn’t need sutures, but that I’d need to wash and watch it carefully.

Still, pet dogs biting each other is rare and serious.

That’s why it is was very weird to realize, when I came home, that it was LAST JULY 20, 2005 that Mr. K was bitten in that very same park – seriously that time, requiring sedation, staples, and two weeks of antibiotics. It occurred to me that it was sometime in July, so I looked on my computer for the notice I'd put in the park asking the dog's owner to contact me - she never did - and found that it happened in the morning one year ago, today.

These are the only two times Mr. K's been bitten.

And that, my friends, is why Mr. K and I are hiding ourselves away next July 20. We will be on strike against the demon dogs.


MaggieMay said...

That is too strange. Too strange! Poor Mr K. You should check his horoscope :)

Hilaire said...

I know, poor Mr. K. The worst was when he screamed after being bitten, and then came running over to hide behind me. So sad!

Love the idea of the horoscople!