Sunday, July 16, 2006


You know, it's too freaking hot. I think I'm in the pit of hell. I worry about the dog lasting till morning - he's splayed out on the tile floor, moving not even an eyelash when you step over him. I have to sleep in the living room tonight because the bedroom will push me into madwoman territory. So long, GF...GF who still goes for her runs when it's - no kidding - 100 degrees out at 2 in the afternoon. (Mine were abandoned when the mercury started this latest rise, though I tell myself- snort, that's a good one - I'm going to try tomorrow morning.) Who comes home and tells me how refreshed she is. Who is this creature?

I used to be able to handle the heat. Like it, even. My tolerance level plummets a little further every year. Today GF and I were over at my mother's. We sat outside for lunch. While GF, my mum, and my stepfather lingered contentedly after eating, I had to go inside and lie on the kitchen floor for a while, and then sit in front of the window air conditioner. I didn't go outside again.

I feel as if I've exhausted all known-to-me strategies for dealing with this. Any good tips?


Flavia said...

A cool bath.

One summer in Major Eastern City, before I had A/C, I'd spend my weekend-days at airconditioned coffee shops or libraries and then spend hours (literally) once I got home in a cool bath--reading, eating dinner, listening to the radio.

Water, generally, is my solution. Two more uses:

1) mornings when I have to look nice--hair, makeup--and it's dreadfully hot, I'll stand in a dishpan of very cold water while getting ready. That keeps me cool enough to function.

2) A spray bottle of water spritzed regularly onto exposed limbs is also nice. Especially when one is strategically positioned in front of a fan.

MaggieMay said...

Oh god, I hear you. I am not a creature who likes heat. I think I will post about this actually... Anyway, I'm with Flavia: water water water. Drink lots of it, get a spritzer bottle, and spend a lot of time in buildings with AC!

Sfrajett said...

Watch the Tour de France with your fave bev. I guarantee you'll feel smug that you aren't pedalling up the Pyrenees. ANd the more you contrast your relaxed, lubricated state with their panting dehydration, the cooler you'll feel.

Hilaire said...

All fantastic tips, thank you. The Tour de France watching is eminently logical. Flavia, I love the idea of the feet in the dishpan full of water! Actually, today I spent the afternoon having a, ahem, meeting (involving cocktails and dessert) at the home of the only person I've ever known with a pool. Oh my god. My god-awful, kill-me-now mood lifted for a few precious hours. Unfortunately, it's back, but armed with your tips, I will survive!

Texter said...

Hey, I'm living in one of the hottest states in the union, y'all. I admit to using AC. Amazing how our bodies habituate to luxuries. I keep all shades down - it helps. Imbibe beer on ice. It helps.

Hilaire said...

We got AC last summer - for the dog, actually (not even kidding; it never occurred to us before he appeared to be expiring). It's just a window unit, and it doesn't seem able to keep up with the heat, basically. It was still 89 degrees in our apartment last night. Now that it's not really working, I can really see what you mean about the body becoming habituated!

Texter said...

I do try to limit the AC. I try to keep it at 80, if at all possible... yesterday I brought it down to 77 when it was unbearably hot outside. I think the fact that my place can remain dark keeps it feeling cool even at "80" AC. I can see why a dog can't take the heat! Back to work.