Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Research update

I had my research appointment today...you know, the one I had been able to secure with the formerly very lovely person who suggested i look at these special resources...and then was quite rude to me when I requested some time to do so. She was as lovely as I remember her to be. And she gave me two more blocks of time - the next two mornings. I sensed that she is harried. There have obviously been cuts and changes at the place. They have gone down to seeing people for six hours a month! When I was there last year they had a much more open schedule. There were about ten people crammed in there today, whereas last time, there was nobody else at either appointment. So she's obviously under some stress about this. I'm very grateful to her for giving me these appointments outside of the usual researcher hours.

I managed to get through about a quarter of the things I need to look at there. I'll hope to be able to speed up a bit so I can get through all of it in my two remaining appointments. I have some strategies!

I also got myself set up at the Bibliotheque Nationale today, and will spend the rest of my time there. I have learned of a resource they have there that I didn't know existed - I've never seen a mention anywhere - and am very excited to see it...it sounds as if it could prove VERY germane to my project.

I love doing this kind of work...I wish I could do it more often. I need to think hard about framing the project, this summer...I can build in more of this kind of work, but would need to have money for it. I need to think about whether I should apply for the SSHRC again - with a low success rate - or for a more easily obtainable (from what I understand) internal grant that would be enough to fund another trip, of greater length if I wanted...Sorting out these thoughts will be on the agenda for the next few months. Should I do it because I like it? I mean, it takes me in another direction. The jury's out on whether that will be a very successful direction!


K said...

I'm so glad your person was helpful again. I can't believe how much they have cut back! That's great news about the new resource, too--I hope you find all sorts of juicy material!

Enjoy Paris!

Psychgrad said...

An extra few appointments is exactly what you were hoping for - so good news there.

You apartment in Montmartre sounds amazing. Now, all I have to do to imagine your trip is imagine Amélie going to the library. :)

I just bought my road map for France - getting excited!

Maude Lebowski said...

i'm so jealous! have fun and do good research stuff!!


What Now? said...

I'm glad the research is going well. And I hope you're having a little tourist fun as well.