Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home again

I arrived home last night after a sickeningly long 24 hours of being in transit from Lyon. I am now crazily jetlagged and anticipate an exhausted blur over the next couple of days.

It feels great to be back here, in my own space. You know, as much as one loves travel, it is tiring living out of suitcases.


I feel energized for a summer of very hard work on this book. Doing that research was just the right thing to bring me fully into the project. My finds were pretty delicious, and I feel fairly certain I can make something important of them - and that nobody else is doing the same thing right now - probably because they think it doesn't matter. I'll show them it does! Too bad I have other things to do before I really begin to write the manuscript (2 conferences, conference paper, a visit from M.) though all of the things to come over the next few weeks are good ones.


That said, the fact that I am turning around in two days to go to Congress in Vancouver is a little wearing. I just would like to be HOME for a while. I'm not sure what I was thinking, when I planned this portion of my life back in the fall. But Congress awaits, with its myriad of friends and acquaintances, and the panel we have planned, which is sure to be poorly attended, given the overall dire numbers who attend everything in my association, and the fact that the panel is the last of the conference. Although the fact that Congress is in Vancouver this year is sure to boost numbers. But anyway, it shall, I think, be a social whirl, beginning on Friday night when I arrive. That can be a fun thing, certainly. A little exhausting at the mo', but good.

And I've decided that instead of just whining about the national scholarly association I belong to (which I have done here before), I will get involved. I'll attend the AGM and see about getting on a committee, or something. That'll make me feel better.


The only sad thing about coming home (apart from saying goodbye to R) was that Diamond, who was staying at my friend's cat-strewn home, freaked out last night and didn't want to come home. She was terrified of me, when she saw me. She bit me as I was trying to get her into her carrier - and wriggled away and hid under the couch. So she didn't come home with me after all. This was a bit painful - I am already very attached to her, and I was so looking forward to snuggling up with her for a long sleep last night. Also, it was embarrassing - you'd think I torture her, the way she acted with me. On the contrary - I dote on her and we had formed quite a bond. But I guess a house full of other cats trumps a boring apartment populated only by a single human, even if that human loves you very much. She's coming home today - instead of me going there to frighten her and pick her up, my friend will bring her here. Sigh.


Okay. Off to do my laundry and stumble around in a fog. And write to one of you, blogfriends, whose work I read while I was away - and LOVED! Oh dear - I had a number of Important Things to write about - I had planned some blog posts - but I can't remember what they are, now!


dbm/gaa said...

Welcome home! And have fun in Vancouver (yes, you can have fun at the Congress).

squadratomagico said...

Diamond will remember she loves you when she gets into your common space. Cats are weird about relocating.

Psychgrad said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to hearing more about how the rest of your trip went.

I overbook myself too - thinking little of the consequences until I have to actually meet my commitments. Have fun conferencing.

Hilaire said...

Squ. - Yes, she was just fine from the moment she got home. She's been curled up on my lap for most of the day. I think it was that she was mad at me for leaving her.

PossiblyFutureDrGirl said...

Ugh. I know how you feel about the never-ending travel + Congress. I'm doing the opposite (going directly from Vancouver to two other conferences in the US, and then on a research trip to an archive in the southern US), and I'm both terrified and exhausted even thinking about it!

It's sad about Diamond, but I'm sure she'll come around soon! Persevere! If she loved you once, she'll love you again!

medieval woman said...

Hey, TD will be in Vancouver next Thursday for a conference! Will you still be there?

Have a blast at Congress and I'm glad the kitteh is behavin'!

Hilaire said...

POssibly - Wow, that'a a LOT. Good grief - you poor thing. I am going to another conference a few weeks after Congress, and that is feeling like a lot for me...doing three in a row like that would be killer! Good luck - and may your conferencing and research trip prove very fruitful!

MW - Oh, I'd have loved to get together with TD! Al;as, I'm leaving on Tuesday afternoon, the second my panel is over. :(