Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hungover Saturday

I've been wanting to blog but unable to because of the missing 2/@ key on my latop. A tried to fix it, but to no avail. Then I went out and bought a keyboard, but it didn't have a USB thingie. Good grief. Now I'm trying again, having returned that first keyboard and come home with another. Now I'll be able to comment on your blogs again, too.

Sigh. I was so anxious to get this keyboard happening, so I could compose a post about the emotional toll teaching is taking on me. But today, I am very hung over. No deep thoughts for me. I went for drinks with my friend Rob last night. Only had four drinks over the course of four hours, but they wrecked me. I don't get it. Perhaps I just haven't slept enough. At any rate, do I ever feel like shite today.

So, though I have an urgent pile of grading, some stuff to read for teaching, and a paper to respond to for a colleague, I've done nearly nada today. Made a grilled cheese sandwich for the therapeutic grease factor. Wrote an email to MW, walked the dog, sat around in my bed. Took a trip to the neighbourhood mall with A so I could exchange the keyboard and we could do some other errands. Including buying candy, for which I was seriously jonesing. The candy I bought turned out to be stale and gross - I threw it away. At the mall, went to Winners - where I seem to buy nearly all my clothes - and came away with three things. (I NEVER leave that store without buying at least one thing.) Didn't try them on, and when I got home, found out that two of them look so bad they are laughable. It's that kind of day.

I have to go to a party toninght - one I don't think I can get out of. The thought of all the alcohol there, and the noise, is a bad one. I am having dinner at ex-GF's first, and we are going to this party together. Though these are more "my" friends, ones I introduced her to, they're people she knows well now, too. It's going to be odd walking into this party together. I don't relish the way that will set tongues a-wagging, gossip churning.


Hey, haven't announced the newest member of our household, at A's. She had been noticing how incredibly depressed her dog, Charlie, was during the 3-4 days a week that my guy, Mr. K ,is not here, while I'm in Uni City. So she indulged a little fantasy she's had for a long time and got a little Pomeranian at a local rescue - he'd been rescued from a kill pound in the Midwest. While I was in France, she brought him home. He's a tiny, 12-pound, ornery guy. Like a growling cat. He seems to get along well with Mr. K, in particular - though Mr. K was scared of him when they first met yesterday. Which was hilarious, given that Mr. K is 5 times his size and weight. So it's a veritable zoo around here now, because the place is actually relatively small. Dogs tripping over each other - and us tripping over the dogs. I have to admit, when I'm feeling the way I'm feeling today, this isn't exactly what I want life to look like. But in general, it's fine. Here's the new little Pom, Boo:

Anyway, I'll get it together to write something of more substance soon.


Pantagruelle said...

Glad you eventually got a keyboard that works. That's weird that it wouldn't work without the key. I guess it won't type if you push the spot used to be?

Have fun at the party tonight and ignore the gossip. If you've got a hangover, perhaps some hair of the dog is exactly what you need--as opposed to dog hair!

Earnest English said...

Hilaire, maybe it's time for a much-deserved day off. Maybe that's what your body getting drunk and hungover after a mere four drinks was trying to tell you. But don't listen to me -- I'm a bad influence. Love the idea of your place all full of doglove.

Hilaire said...

Pantagruelle - Oh, I think I blogged wrong about this. I said it was that the key was missing, but it's not actually missing. It just doesn't work. It's very mysterious, actually. Oh well.

I wish I could say that i made it to the party last night, but I ended up feeling so wrecked that I slept over at ex-GF's instead - we went to bed at 9:30. Sigh. Perhaps a post about that today.

Earnest - You're right, I think. That's probably it. My body was over-reacting to alcohol because it needs some down time. Well, it sure got it yesterday!

psychgrad said...

Nice to find your blog! Sounds like you needed a good night's rest.