Monday, August 28, 2006

Update: Blogging an important lost thing

Update: Things looked pretty dire last night, as I searched high and low for my little glasses. But this morning, as I opened the door of our only general-use, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink closet, they clattered to the floor. WTF? Anyway, thank you, blogspirits, for your compliance in this matter. For today is the day that I am driving my carload of office stuff to New University City, moving into my new office and my new life there. I couldn't have done it without my chic little glasses.

I have lost my glasses...I haven't been able to find them all day...I know people swear by blogging their lost objects as a means of finding, sorry. Where are you, glasses? I have been very sad without you and had to resort to my old glasses, which, while quite nice in a retro kind of way, weight oh-so-much more than your lovely, light selves.

I command you, show yourselves!

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medieval woman said...

glad you found them! Have a great trip to get settled into your new office/university!