Saturday, August 30, 2008

The not-quite-holiday weekend

So, yeah, I had the grand plans. Of taking this weekend off completely. I had my ridiculous spa experience yesterday - there was an element of the ridiculous about it - and I came home and napped and then went for dinner and then to a party. Vacay-esque, to be sure. But I'm afraid that, having lost last week to the Franken-arm experience, I am behind where I need to be with my work right now...I can't kiss it entirely goodbye over the next few days.

But I do have Season 4 of Six Feet Under to watch, and plans every night - these are things that make me happy. Under these conditions, I can sneak a bit of work here or there, relatively painlessly.

The big news, though, is that I am off crutches. On Wednesday I was given the go-ahead. My left leg is in a kind of mild shock at being used again, but nothing has been hurting. I've been walking - a little gimpily, at first, but that is sure to change. My muscles will come back from their famine-victim state. I must say, though, that I've woken up this morning feeling a little off in the area of the fracture...something feels mis-aligned. This worries me. My provisional solution is to stay away from walking today, though that's not going to help me much if there really is something wrong.

Really, I can't handle any more problems. So let's just pretend, shall we, that I am not feeling as if my bone is un-knit, and tackle the weekend of fun.


What Now? said...

Do they x-ray the leg as a matter of course to make sure everything is as it should be? Or can you ask them to?

Brigindo said...

Yay for being off crutches. I felt the same way when I first started walking on my ankle after I had broken it. The x-ray showed it had healed but was a perfect fit or something like that. I wore a brace for a very long time but could still do everything I could do before. That was years ago and I barely remember which ankle it noticeable differences. Sorry, I don't know if that makes you feel better or worse, but it was my experience. I hope you're dancing and running again soon.

Anonymous said...

With knees, weakened muscles and ligaments can make it feel like things are misaligned, so if they x-rayed it before giving you the ok to be off the crutches, it should feel more normal as the strength builds up again in the soft tissues. But it is definitely a good idea to take things slow!

Psychgrad said...

Yay! Some good news with removing the crutches. Maybe some physio will help to build the muscles back up and to ensure that everything is properly aligned.

I'm sorry to hear about things with R. I'm sure it's not easy - but it sounds like it was for the best, at least for the time being.

If you want - we can compromise on a care package...I can work on something after I deposit. I'll be taking a 6 hour course on knitting touques. So - my repetoire will soon expand to a selection of two options (scarf or touque). :)

Hilaire said...

WN - They did an x-ray. I actually asked them for an MRI, because that is how the fracture was initially diagnosed. They wouldn't give it to me, though.

But my knee actually started to feel better and I went out for quite a long walk.

Brigindo - That's incredibly helpful, actually.

And Anon - Thank you for that, as well.

Psychgrad - Oh, you're too sweet. Well, okay, not till after you deposit, but sure, I'd take a toque. I have so very many scarves, but not so many hats. If you're up for it, I'll take it!