Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The goodness of today

This is turning out to be a nicer day than usual...not that my days have been bad, per se, but they have admittedly been characterized by a kind of searching/questioning/uncomfortable orientation of late:

Why is this a nice Wednesday?
  • The sun came out! Hurrah!It was only for about 15 minutes. But still - it's about damn time.
  • I have been battling a cold for the last 48 hours. It has been trying to worm its way in to wreak havoc, but I have been struggling valiantly against it. I sense that I am triumphant.
  • There are roasted beets in my fridge and in my life.
  • I just spoke to my great friend in Berlin, whom I miss and don't talk to enough. We made a plan to have her be accountable to me with her dissertation writing, as she tries to finish up a PhD that has dragged on too long. She will send me 20 pages every two weeks. I love being involved in something like this; it makes me feel productive, too.
  • Today I was able to let my hair down as I wrote my encyclopedia entry, and say, "to hell with structure - I'll fix it later!" I've never really been able to do this before, as I wrote the other day about my difficulties with revision.
  • I am having dinner with a good friend tonight at my favourite Japanese restaurant.
  • I have been having such a satisfying off-blog email conversation with a blogger about work/life. Also I had a lovely blogger meetup on Monday. This "community" rocks!

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medieval woman said...

Hee, hee - me too! I'm glad you've had a good Wednesday, especially about the Japanese dinner and the encyclopedia article!