Monday, May 22, 2006

How I found myself here

I said I wouldn't do it, that it would take too much from one already predisposed to procrastination. That I'd wait until this summer was over, at least - I'd reward myself with a blog for an ever-so-productively unemployed summer of writing and revising and publishing. If I'd done a lot this summer, then I'd allow myself a blog. Just in time to record impressions of my new FT contractually limited appointment at Canadian University, which starts this fall. Surely now - when I'm just finishing up my PREVIOUS 9-month FT contract at another Canadian university and about to move back to Home City, back to GF and Doglet - now is not the time for this, I told myself...

But I read you all a lot these days, you academics in the blogosphere, and I can't help but envy you the space to work through what you're all doing...and I'm a writer, not a talker (like "a lover, not a fighter"?) and see my way through problems - like the tricks of this newly PhD'd life - better in print than in my own reeling mind.

So this blog's beginnings, on the cold, rainy Monday of a Victoria Day long weekend, are dedicated to you, my fellow academic bloggers. Thanks for the inspiration.

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